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I've been scribbling a bit more down of the "Whisper" epilogue, not through any conscious effort but merely because it came to me. I do want to finish it, so any extra words are a bonus, but I haven't been actively clamouring for any inspiration.

Uhm, anyway, despite my saying I would never write for POTO again (that was a pretty firm assertion at the time), thanks to the epilogue ending with Erik and Christine landing in England and Christine's fervent desire to visit London, I now want to write - of all things - a POTO / Jack the Ripper crossover.

WTF, brain, Jack the Ripper isn't even a fandom!

(Er, as far as I know, anyway. :P)

I have absolutely no clue how this course of events might come about, but somehow I can picture Erik as the dark, undiscovered murderer of Ladies of the Night. Except actually, in terms of it being a continuation from "Whisper" - which it would have to be, because I don't like messing with POTO canon like a lot of writers (I've never understood the appeal of "modern" stories) and can think of no other feasible way for them both to be in London other than "they just are so deal with it" - the character shift would make no sense. The entire point is that Christine has fled Paris - fled Raoul, fled her previous life - in an attempt to forget about Erik and her past, believing him to be dead, only for him to follow her (not being dead, obviously) at the last minute. By the time the epilogue finishes she's ready to accept that there was only ever one choice, and they continue the journey inland together.

In order for Erik to become the Ripper, therefore, he needs to find a dark place within himself again, which I can only foresee as being a result of Christine's betrayal. Which kind of makes me think that she might not do so intentionally, and that opens up a few more questions. What sort of event could occur where Erik mistakenly thinks that Christine has betrayed him (again)? Is it something he actually witnesses, or some kind of convincing lie he's been told? It has a lot of potential in terms of plot, and in that sense is quite an exciting prospect.

I just don't know if I'm too beaten down by the fandom now to attempt it. I can already feel the idea weaving little tendrils into my brain and latching on, which is quite a dangerous thing. It would need to follow the actual course of Jack the Ripper's victims (I figure each one might be a chapter), so would require a lot of research, which I would not want to commit to unless I was sure about starting the story. (Clearly, the eventual outcome would be E/C; that aspect would actually be more tricky to make convincing than the concept of Erik as a serial killer; he does segue quite easily into that sort of role. :P)

It sort of feels like Erik took note of my decision to cease writing him, stomped into my brain and started shaking his fist at me indignantly. ;) He never used to be this vocal; maybe he's finally taking a stand against the invasion of privacy and demanding a little bloodshed at the same time.

Er, yes. Muses are not a force to be reckoned with, apparently.

In other news...

Two Messiah concerts down now, Christmas Treats on Sunday and then a busy week in the run-up to the Big Day. I'm not particularly looking forward to working the three days between Christmas and New Year, but at least I have the first week in January off to recover...

As for Messiah, apparently our Symphony Hall performance on Friday night was one of our best ever (after the concert, Adrian was apparently beseiged by members of the CBSO singing our praises), apart from us being Classic FM's "Messiah of choice" for the festive season. It even seemed better in Town Hall this year, perhaps because we're now getting more used to the acoustics. I used to prefer the SH performance because the hall is so much bigger, but we can hear a lot better in TH and it all sounded much sharper. (The only trouble with doing Messiah at SH is that we have to sit on the platform rather than in the choir stalls, which perhaps accounts for the fact that we can't hear the orchestra or each other properly...)

Annoyingly, right before the final movement of Part One ("His yoke is easy"), a tickly and painful cough worked its way into my throat. It's not only the highest movement in the entire piece (the only one to go to a top B), it's also full of fiddly semi-quavers, which were impossible to sing through and in fact only made matters worse. Miming is really frelling weird, I have now discovered; I then spent the entire interval coughing and drinking water in an attempt to clear it. Thankfully the second half was okay. :P

Yesterday I went to the carol service at Birmingham Cathedral with some other work people (Sian, who organised it, Kemi, Natasha, Dave and Jerome), which was quite a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Sian read about it in the weekly news bulletin email and then asked around if anyone wanted to join her (I think she didn't want to go on her own) - as it transpired there was someone there from almost every tier of Legal Services from Chief Solicitor to WPO, which was accidental but fortuitous. ;)

Last night Paul and I put another big dent in our Christmas shopping – only a few more bits to get now. I did the post office run this lunchtime; the inland packages should reach their destination on time, but I'm not so sure about Katie's... I might be lucky. :) It would be remiss of me not to get her Christmas present to her on time considering she sent hers early this year. (Alas, I am not that organised.)

Now, the run up looks something like this:-

Sunday (18th) - Christmas concert at Town Hall;
Monday (19th) - Paul at Broken Amp;
Tuesday (20th) - Carmina Burara rehearsal;
Wednesday (21st) - my team lunch, Paul at another gig;
Thursday (22nd) - Christmas food shop;
Friday (23rd) - family over at either ours or Paul's mum's;
Saturday (24th) - pick up goose from butcher, relax a bit, go to pub;
Sunday (25th) - DEATH. Er, I mean, Christmas. :P And it's my turn to make dinner.

Good God, that's a lot of dates. ;)

I hate December.

Work is periodically up and down lately, though where we used to get peaks and troughs on a monthly basis, they are now literally over the course of a day: we go from having nothing to having six urgents in a row.

I intended to post this entry last night (it wouldn’t post at work, though I’m not sure if that’s because of the DDOS attacks or work’s internet being poo, or perhaps a combination of both), as well as work on the epilogue some more, but shopping, wrapping and showing wiped me out.

Also it seems Paul might have ‘flu – actual ‘flu, not man ‘flu. He was shivering last night and couldn’t get warm. His forehead felt normally warm (i.e. not burning up) but yeah, obviously he’s not at work today. As long as I don’t catch it – I forgot to get a ‘flu-jab this year and I have a concert on Sunday!!

Over and out, and Merry Christmas if I don't manage to update before then.
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