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A Few Embroidery Photos...

Now that the living room is mostly sorted, and because I had nothing better to do today, I finally got around to doing a bit more work on this...

These will mostly show the progress of the window, which I finished over the course of a couple of hours this afternoon.

The final shade of blue on the curtains.

First of the greys.

More grey.

A lighter grey.

Lighter grey again, and a bit of lilac on the curtains (there were too few stitches to warrant a separate photograph).

Palest shade of grey.

Obviously, there will be more definition when I put in the backstitching and outlining (and those two black rectangles will transform into hinges :D) but you get the general idea... Now there's just the main subject of the embroidery to finish and it's DONE.

Nowt else to report. Back to work tomorrow, OH THE YAYZ. My ears are still playing up but paracetemol seems to be taking the edge off a little, so that's something. I'll see how it is tomorrow morning and may make a GP appointment if it's no better...

Over and out.
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