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Weird Shizzle

I mentioned this in passing back in December but didn't have the time / energy to post about it. As it's boring here again today (I'm leaving at four) and I'm apparently back in the flow of regular posting, I might as well expand on it...

I'll do the work stuff first...

Aaaages ago, Naz (our locum Legal Assistant) mentioned that her household had woken up one morning to find the front door wide open. Nothing was missing, and nobody had gone out or come in. One of her sisters apparently heard someone on the landing, though Naz cannot corroborate because she slept through it, and there was a footprint on the carpet.

Naturally they all assumed a burglar or similar, except there was nothing missing. At the time, Noor and I jokingly said her house could be haunted, upon which it transpired that someone else had said the same thing ages ago and she just hadn't quite believed it...

Anyway, about a week before Christmas, two really odd things happened. Having just checked my sent emails, it was on 19th December; I recounted one of thes things to Paul in the context of Caroline spilling coffee down her white shirt (it's always when you have a white shirt) and Kemi subsequently deciding to strip off in the middle of the office in order to give her a spare top. :P

So, aside from Caroline and her coffee, just before that Kemi was wandering around the office and spotted a bit of plastic on the floor. It resembled one of those plastic ties but was a lot wider and didn't have any 'teeth'. We threw it away in case anyone tripped over it and thought nothing more of it. 19th December was when I took the Christmas cake in to work, which I placed on Lorraine's desk as she wasn't in. It was at that point I noticed her desk fan had fallen apart: the grate on the front half had fallen off. It transpired the plastic thing on the floor was the securing band around the two halves of the fan, which had snapped (not even near the hinge/fastening, just randomly in the middle of the band) and thus fallen off - or rather, as it appears, ricocheted halfway across the room.

This happened over the weekend, apparently for no reason. Also? The fan was turned off on Monday morning when I noticed all this. Which may well just be a failsafe in case it does break, but the cleaners are normally good at turning things off in the evenings, especially on Fridays.

Later that morning both Natasha and Naz (who sit next to each other, and opposite Noor and I) commented that they'd felt a breeze. The window was not open and the room was warm. They'd both felt said breeze at separate times during the course of the morning and both times had shrugged it off, although obviously with some confusion because the window was shut.

It was only at this point I realised the two things might well be connected... Yes, our windows are old and drafty, but not to the extent of causing an actual breeze. Small desk-fans do not generally have a tendency of breaking themselves in half when unattended. We often joke that this building is haunted because of the Food Thief (who has been stealing stuff out of the fridge for as long as I've been here, meaning it must be a permanent member of staff OR we keep employing dodgy locums) and the fact that keys, etc. have a tendency to disappear. Perhaps we should stop joking now. :|

Maybe it's just as fed up of the move date being postponed as we are and wants to get rid of us. ;)

As for the weird stuff at home, these two events occurred within days of each other, again shortly before Christmas.

I think the first was on 7th December because that was our shopping day and thus when we started wrapping things, having nowhere else to put them in the interim except under the tree. Paul was sitting on the floor using the coffee table to wrap stuff, whilst I was on the daybed attaching ribbons, etc. We paused for a while to watch television.

All of a sudden we both noticed the sellotape, which was attached and dangling from the coffee table, had started spinning, as though someone had knocked it or even deliberately spun it like one would do a coin. I even said, "Did you do that?" to Paul and he hadn't touched it either. It wasn't a slow spin, it was literally like someone had just set it going, because at the point we spotted it, it was still going strong.

A few days later we were watching television by the light of the Christmas tree and my space-age 'disco' light. Basically it's a big silver ball with lots of legs sticking out of it, at the end of which are LED lights in red, green and blue. It has various settings - still red, still green, still blue, flashing combinations of red/green, red/blue and green/blue, all three still, and all three flashing - in vaguely that order. For parties I set it to all three flashing, for ambient lighting I set it to all three still, which is what I'd set it to whilst watching telly - otherwise it gets distracting.

I can't even remember now what we were watching, because this has stuck in my memory more than the DVD. About three-quarters of the way through the film, Paul said, "Why is the lamp flashing?" and I realised the setting has changed. At the time I think I assumed it was on a timer and had defaulted to the next setting along, but I've had it on the flashing setting at parties, as mentioned, without it defaulting to still reds as would be the next one in the cycle. If it DOES time-out on each setting and cycle through them until it reaches the flashing lights, then stays there without refreshing, then I wouldn't have noticed because I've never tried... but in any case, I'm pretty sure it's not that sophisticated.

In order to cycle through the light settings there is a little push-button on the underside of the lamp. We were nowhere near it at the time and there was nothing nearby that could have hit it (it's fiddly enough to reach by hand). After the sellotape incident, it makes me wonder...

There hasn't been anything else since then, although we often hear weird noises coming from the kitchen with no discernible changes being visible upon investigation... nothing that would have struck me as out of the ordinary, anyway. My only prior experience of this was the activity at my mum's before I moved out, but that was all audible rather than physical, and in any case I think it was some kind of poltergeist / guardian entity (the very last thing to occur makes me think it's the latter - can't remember if I actually explained so if you're curious leave a comment), not a ghost in the traditional sense. I don't get any kind of spooky feeling in this house like I used to at the flat, either - although in the flat there were bigger, darker spaces and the sound travelled really weirdly. So if there is something in the house I can only assume it's benevolent and just wanted to say hello. :)

I've watched enough Most Haunted episodes not to discount any of these things as random: the sensation of a highly-focused breeze, the breaking/intefering with electrical equipment, moving items when you're not paying attention...

Of course, a more reasonable explanation would be that I have finally gone mad. :P
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