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I haven't been able to update much this week because Paul and I are renewedly attending the gym, which is obviously eating a lot of time. We went on Monday and Thursday night, plus swimming on Sunday morning, which is our new regime.

The plan this time is to book a holiday for September in advance with the hope that it'll be an adequate incentive to lose the weight. Let's see how successful that is, eh?

Friday was a pain in the backside from start to finish. There were - as usual - several urgent jobs in the system, one of which was 35 minutes long and from one of the Seniors in West Team, newly aliased Shambles. The job took me about two hours to complete, most of which time was spent translating his rambling, nonsensical wording into actual sentences. Unsurprisingly, the letters came back for amendment later on, which took another half an hour to sort out because he wanted all the copies printed, too, which took ages as I had to keep reading the letters to find out which copies were going where. After spending another hour on the evening trawling through some copy-typing which also took longer than it should, I finally left at half-four, with most of the work still behind timescales.

Obviously, as it is now busy, we have police tapes to do in addition. Moany and Hometime were both scanning on Friday so were thus out of the WPO pool, which didn't help the situation. Upon returning downstairs, Moany decided to pick up the first police tape (which she hasn't yet managed to finish thanks to scanning duties anyway), thus effectively removing herself from the pool again, and Hometime buggered off at half-three because it wasn't her late Friday, despite the fact the work was going out of time - which she was more than aware of because she'd been doing WPO work on the afternoon.

On the plus side, thanks to staying late to accommodate gym attendance and choir, I managed to gain just under three hours of flex last week.

(I have subsequently done another police tape just now, which took me LESS TIME than Shambles's dictation on Friday despite the fact that transcripts are verbatim. Moany managed about two pages in the same time on Friday. Or therabouts; I might be exaggerating. :P)

As to gymmage, we managed an hour 'on the floor' both times, with slightly different routines. On Monday I managed a total of 120 sit-ups between the fitball and the crunch machine; on Thursday I was still in too much pain and managed 17. :P Swimming on Sunday was also supplemented by walking to and from the baths (the bus is only every half-hour), which was somewhat worse on the way back for the uphill climb. I very much enjoyed swimming itself, though Paul said he would have preferred the gym. :P (I found gymming three times a week too much of a commitment; the baths are at least local and don't involve a trek into Birmingham, as well as swimming being a low impact, full body workout.)

With any luck we can actually maintain momentum now. Only March may be tricky as there are literally two birthdays per week that month, but even if we only manage gym once per week it'll be better than nothing.

I am trying to get into the habit already of cooking up a large meal on Sunday and Wednesday nights so we can have leftovers after the gym. On Saturday our Experimental Team was lamb with red wine lentils, tomatoes and roasted peppers (very nice), and on Sunday we had a roast chicken so that'll do sandwiches for work and Wednesday's pasta bake. :)

Embroidery-wise, I have two more pictures to post later on. They would have come sooner but I had to re-order the thread (again) because it ran out. I think this is a direct result of having lost the original thread list and the online pattern being very slightly different, but in any case, the ordered thread ended up being a different shade to that I'd already used, so I had to unpick what I'd already done and start again. Anyway, I got through two shades yesterday so will post those later.

I'm also going to do a Facebook album at some point of my various completed stuff, as I've been working through some of the half-finished bits in the footstool that my mum gave me and some are now done, in addition to what I already have framed, etc., and it would be nice to have a record somewhere. :)

Oh yeah, that was the other irritating thing. I ordered some apparently "wide calf" biker-style boots from eBay as in the picture they looked promisingly roomy. I couldn't pick them up from the depot until Saturday, and it transpires my definition of "wide calf" and that of the seller differs by about four inches. Also the boots weren't as good quality as they appeared in the picture (they were faux-leather anyway, but still) as they had no proper 'tongue' to speak of because it was all sewn together. Annoying because the foot part of the boot actually fit perfectly, for a change. So I'll be sending those back for a refund. I will keep searching, and actually measure my calves so I know what to go for. Some sellers are actually nice enough to specify the width measurement. (Although I am irrationally annoyed by them still being photographed on skinny models; clearly we can't be having fatties modelling them, can we? /bitter)

After the post depot we decided to get the shopping from Dudley rather than Bearwood for a change, and ended up spending £25 in Wilkinson. :P Some of it was stuff we actually needed, though (a hook for the bedroom door, a self-adhesive one for the bathroom, a new kitchen drainer, some tall glasses and a funky new bathroom set). We had a sharer in the Wetherspoon's which was actually really nice (either they're still using up the "Christmas chips" or they've changed them forever; I hope the latter. :D) I am tempted to try their other food now to see if it's as good.

Okay, I think this is quite long enough. Nearly lunchtime (chicken sandwiches om nom) so I'll post this and wait for the man to finish fixing the printer so I can collect my transcript. :P
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