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More Weird Shizzle

I actually meant to write about this in more detail at the time of it occurring, and completely forgot. I only mentioned it quickly and briefly on Facebook, so here's the fuller version, with additional weirdness that's happened since...

I don't have the exact date to hand but I think this was some time in February. I say that because February was when I was having regular weekend migraines thanks to work being horribly stressful and annoying.

So, it was a Saturday or Sunday morning, and I was nursing a migraine. Paul had already got up and was downstairs in the kitchen. I'd taken my painkillers and was lying in bed with my head under the covers (because bright lights hurt my head) waiting for them to kick in.

I felt a heavy weight land on the bed. Specifically, it felt like a heavy cat jumping onto the bed - anyone who owns a cat will know what that feels like: you get two definite and separate impacts from the front and hind legs, one after the other. Since we do not have a cat, I automatically assumed it was Paul and dismissed the concept that it might be a cat. Also, after "landing" it didn't move about like you would expect a cat to do. In fact it was quite eerily still.

We have a few cheeky neighbouring cats and one in particular is very keen to get into our house when we're not looking, so at that point I then assumed it was the nosy kitten from a few doors down (despite the fact it should have been a fully-grown adult cat, and a large one at that, from the weight of the impact). Also, if Paul was sitting on the bed, what was he doing?

I threw the covers off my head, fully expecting to see one of the neighbouring cats staring back at me guiltily before running off. What I actually saw (and heard) was this:

A pair of possibly-white hind legs and a tail disappearing over the end of the bed, before landing audibly on the floor and disappearing. Like, actually vanishing - there was literally nothing there when I immediately went to look for it.

Confused, I went downstairs. Whereupon I discovered that the kitchen door was closed, as was the back door, and they both had been for some time. Thus, there was no way any of the neighbouring cats had managed to get in.

I related this mysterious account to Paul and we both spent several minutes searching for an elusive kitty, to no avail. He thinks I imagined it. I know I did not.

The pertinent thing to note here especially is that (a) I was not asleep, half-asleep, or just waking up; and (b) migraines do not make me hallucinate. If anything they make me uber-sensitive to light, sound and taste, in the sense that everything looks/sounds/tastes stronger than it usually does, but not to the degree that I would suffer three entirely separate sensory hallucinations.

After this I was trying to remember when Monty, one of the cats from next door (previously belonging to our landlord before he moved), had been put down, because he was a very large cat - large enough to warrant the weight that I felt landing on the bed, which was definitely heavy enough to be a big cat but not heavy enough to be a person. If you remember my last "weird shizzle" post, we had an incident of sellotape spinning of its own accord. Now that I think about it, the movement wasn't dissimilar to having been batted by a paw...

My mum also reminded me that we have her old bed, and when we lived in Bearwood she had a mysterious early-morning experience of a similar nature. This was years ago now, back when we had Paws; he used to come and jump up on the bed during weekend lie-ins. One particular morning my mum was lying with her eyes closed, felt something jump on the bed and didn't bother reacting as she just assumed it was Paws, then apparently something blew in her face - as if blowing out a candle or similar - and when she opened her eyes there was nothing there. (It is also the bed in which she suffered horrendous sleep paralysis one night during the weird poltergeist/guardian angel insanity just before I moved in with Paul, whereby she woke up and felt something holding her hand and then couldn't move or open her mouth. Spooky.)

So it's either a haunted bed (perhaps the bed is just the vessel for the energy, I don't know), or Monty has come back to live with us. ;) Nothing so far seems particularly malevolent, more like attention seeking, so I don't think there's anything to worry about.

Oh, the other weird thing was a few days ago... We bought a new TV to replace the 2nd hand one that got smashed by the shelf falling onto it. Erm, I may not have mentioned this on LJ either as I never update and Facebook eats my life. Anyway, yeah, we bought David's old Samsung 40" LCD, had it three weeks and then the shelf full of cook books fell off the wall and smashed it (at this juncture maybe I should blame ghost!Monty for trying to jump onto it?), so we got a new one with the insurance pay-out. The new one is a 42" LG LCD with funky touch-sensitive controls on the front rather than buttons. Incidentally? Never. Gets. Old. Endlessly cool. :D

Anyway, the other day I was messing about on the laptop with the telly on the background, not really paying attention, and suddenly it turned itself off. The buttons aren't that sensitive, so whilst it could have been a fruit-fly or something (they're eating my herbs in the kitchen, the buggers), equally I don't think it was. They react to pressure rather than movement AFAIK.


Given we've been at the house less than a year and these are clearly not isolated incidents, I will definitely keep writing these down on LJ in the hope of identifying a pattern. This is the closest I've ever come to actually seeing something so it's all quite exciting. :)

PS: The only way I can update LJ at work these days is via the "back door" without logging in first (if I log in, it goes kerflooey) so that's why all my entries have had the same (default) icon. I will go back in tonight and change them. :P
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