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Bank Holiday Weekend

Those three days were productive and lazy, in equal measure.

We have a tenant inspection on Wednesday. They're supposed to be every three months but this is only our second, as the first time the bloke didn't turn up, and then it took them another month to sort it out. Anyway, seeing as last time they were shocked and appalled that there were boxes in the spare room (OH NOES!) we decided to try and sort out the office if nothing else.

On Friday night I cleaned the kitchen (and rearranged some of the counter stuff a bit) and the bathroom floor, as it was disgusting. I put everything from the bathroom and kitchen floors outside on the patio whilst I waited for the floors to dry, and then of course it started raining (again) so I had to bring it all in a little prematurely. I also found somewhere else for the stereo to live as its shelf was a casualty of the TV smashing incident, so that now lives on the other (built in) shelves in the living room.

On Saturday we actually managed to tidy the office. Before that we had to go into Oldbury to go to the post depot for a parcel (Paul's new lego-brick shaped lunchbox :D) and to buy a stimmer for the lawn because - naively - we hoped for good enough weather to tackle it. Whilst in there we also bought three new decorative plant pots and some dragon trees, which are now in the living room. We also went to Sainsbury's to get some bits and pieces for tea as I'd opted to do a seafood risotto, and we needed the rice, stock and salmon for it...

We tackled the office on getting back. We managed to empty two boxes and half-fill a charity bag, and Paul finally convinced me to throw out the old ZX Spectrum (it still vaguely worked but the connection was dodgy on the back), and once we'd cleared some floor space I sorted out the tall bookcase properly, thus managing to empty another box full of choir music because I had somewhere to put it. In the process I also uncovered my hanging star lights, which I'd wanted to put up at Christmas, and the pretty Oriental placemats and chopsticks (x6 place setting) that we bought from Woodka Touch before it closed, which had gone missing in transit. :) Quite chuffed we found them, to be honest, as it means at some point I can plan a proper Wagamama feast. :)

One of the boxes got moved into the spare room as it was stackable (and contains stuff from the living room that we have yet to sort out properly) and the remaining boxes in the office take up much less room than before and will eventually go into the attic. I am still surprised when I walk in there and can see the floor. :D When we first went to view the house we were really impressed with the size of the third bedroom, and we had both forgotten how big it really was when there were boxes all over the floor, so it's lovely to have the space back again. :)

On the Sunday we went out to Strada with my mum and David, as they had £100 of food vouchers to use. We spent three hours there having a leisurely lunch, which was very pleasant indeed, then went back to theirs and watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows before heading home again. I was a bit knackered on Saturday, to be honest, after all the box and book moving.

Of course, by Monday the weather had turned to crap again so we didn't get to do the lawn this weekend. I'm hoping the weather will clear up by the next bank holiday as it has been utterly dire now for months (apart from that brief heatwave in March), and the rain has meant that the lawn has grown to Triffid proportions. We need to deweed the patio and the drive and cut back several plants, and the weather is not cooperating.

Subsequently, Monday was quite lazy. I was supposed to dust the bedroom and clean the living room floor, but I was too tired and had a headache trying to brew all day so didn't bother. Anyway, I had TV to catch up on. :P

Last choir rehearsal tonight pre-concert on Saturday, which has inconveniently timed itself with the opening weekend of Dark Shadows, but that doesn't matter because we're going to see it on Friday night at the Giant Screen (formerly IMAX). :) I feel entirely unprepared for this concert, which is stupid considering I only missed one week of rehearsal, but we'll see how it goes on the day. We're doing Mozart's Regina Coeli, which is pretty, Bach's Mass in D (I think), which is horrendous, and Schumann's Requiem, which is okay. We're singing in annoying "Germanic" Latin again as a result. I have my re-audition in a few weeks so we'll see how that goes.

In other news, the gym and salad-eating is slowly working. I am nearly able to get back into my skinny jeans, which if they were stretchy would actually fit me now. I can't quite get back into the rest of my jeans yet, but it's definitely progress. I don't think I'll be quite at the stage I want to be by September, but the fat is moving around at the moment and I think I'm gaining better shape if nothing else, so we need to get back on track with twice-weekly gym attendance and actually start going swimming like we're supposed to, as we still haven't managed it. By the time we get to the weekend we're too bloody tired, but the past couple of weeks have been a bit up-and-down anyway as Paul's had a cold. I went on my own on Thursday out of sheer determination, and anticipate I will not manage to go at all during my week off. :P MOAR SALAD is now the way forward. (I have been experiencing the alien sensation of craving fruit lately, as my lunch has been comprising either sandwiches or a salad, with a yogurt, an apple, a clementine and a box of grapes for afterwards.)
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