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This Post is for Eni.

As promised, here is a list of my WIP's. Bearing in mind this is just what's on the computer, not taking into account the hand-written bits and pieces in the Folder of Fanfic. :P


Broken Record - the epic cliche of a post season 6 songfic. I keep getting randomly reinspired for this whenever I read through the lyrics-notes, but I keep thinking I should change all the songs as it's now nearly ten years old. (WTF when did that happen?)

The Christening - this is a post-Cradle (I'm still impressed I even finished that) story which involves Spike moving into Buffy's house and all the inhabitants (Buffy, Dawn and Willow) moving rooms and having a clear-out. It got off to a good start but I never quite had the impetus to finish it...

Untitled Snowfic - actually, I probably won't finish this one. :P


Rhapsody - I really wish I'd finished this; it's one of my favourites. Unfortunately the insane TS Eliot-inspired imagery deserted me before I could finish the second half. :(

Words - my unfinished Chiana-centric story. I still like this idea, actually; it was inspired by Sikozu's line about them always being able to tell when she's was lying because she never did anything else (or something!), and was going to be set over the course of several episodes, starting from that point and ending with the final sequence of "Bad Timing". The crux of the story was that when she was blinded she only had words to help her through, and D'Argo was incoherent with despair at what had happened to John and Aeryn. I think if I ever do a rewatch I might actually finish it... maybe. ;)

The Crossover of Doom - THIS NEEDS TO EXIST. Still. I firmly believe if this story is ever finished it will destroy not only this universe but the many it incorporates. :D

The Farscape Horror Show - I actually intended to finish this at the time, but turning the songs into dialogue was proving insanely difficult. I still enjoy the idea of Crais as Frank, and there exists a piece of fanart to prove how perfect a crossover it was. :)

Leviathan Rouge = my Farscape-as-Moulin-Rouge story, an idea which reached fruition during the manymany pub conversations involving how to crossover Farscape with EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD EVER. I think this was the only vaguely plausible one (Braca was Audrey :D) aside from the Rocky Horror crossover. I only got as far as the prologue.


Something Old, Something New

The sequel to my one and only story in this fandom, Till Donny Do Us Part, which was written in a manic flurry of productivity after the Channel 4 premiere of the end of Season 7, aka that episode where Niles and Daphne actually properly happened. TDDUP was insanely shippy, and SOSN was actually worse. I'm partly glad I never finished it, as I don't think I could really have made Frasier/Roz work properly given my lack of canon knowledge. ;)

Jonathan Creek

Oh, holy hell, really? Ugh, so many. Okay, here we go.

A Lot to Answer For - I will finish this. I WILL. It will be beautiful and epic and wonderful, and Harry Jeremiah Creek will exist. Eventually.

House of Fun - my first proper JC chapter fic. Technically I did finish it because the full story is in the folder, but I keep rewriting the ending and never getting it right - oddly, this is a problem I always have with my JC fics, which I imagine is a horrible portent of doom for Jonathan/Maddy in general (yes, obviously I never write anything else. :P)

The Tapas Fic - I've started this twice and given up; Plan C is to put it on the end of the "Three Gamblers" tag. Fingers crossed.

Untitled Post-Series 3 - so in-progress I never managed to give it a title. And again, I rewrote the ending twice, this time before I'd even written the middle. Sigh.

The Doomfic - like ALFTAF, I will finish this. The sheer epicness needs to exist. I will doubtless still manage to finish this before Renwick sees sense and gives us an actual Jonathan/Maddy reunion...

Episode Tags - in general, even though I only have two outstanding to actually finish, I suspect the project will continue to grow fangs until I've done all three series. (Series four doesn't count.)

Phantom of the Opera

Sweet Intoxication - which I might now actually finish. :D

Whisper: Epilogue - not quite sure how I'm going to end this because I now want it to segue into my Jack the Ripper crossover, which now wants to include Robert Downey Junior's Sherlock Holmes, so er... it's a POTO/From Hell/Guy Ritchie crossover? I didn't expect that to happen. :P

Pirates of the Caribbean

Oranges to Florida - this is the story I wanted to work on when I handed over "Pearl"/"Hurricane"/whatever-it-wants-to-be-called because both ideas smacked me in the head at the same time and I couldn't work on both at once. Anyway, it's a songfic to the same by Cerys Matthews, and it was going to be a series of vignettes (post-DMC) of Jack and Elizabeth on her island over the years, or possibly going on sea voyages. That's about as far as I got, apart from the floating island. ;)


Journeys - Chapter 2 - uhm, actually, I can't remember how this was supposed to end, and unless I manage to get the entire of the early Pokemon episodes on DVD at some point, I doubt I will finish it now. Back in the good old days of Rocketshipping, this was. :)

Star Trek: Voyager

Bohemian - this was a four-part Doctor/Seven story based on the Bohemian ideals of Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love. I finished "Truth" and got halfway through "Beauty" and that was it. I still like the idea a lot; "Truth" is the reveal of the Doctor's feelings, "Beauty" is the slow start to their relationship, "Freedom" is Seven getting scared and running away, and "Love" was the happy ending. I might finish it one day, so again, I suppose it's waiting on DVD ownership...

Unimatrix Zero II - an unoriginal title but another Doc/Seven story, based on two separate canon concepts of Unimatrix Zero (the places where Borg go in their dreams, apparently, a sort of collective consciousness of their favourite cogent memories) and the Doctor being "uploaded" into Seven's consciousness. In the fic, Voyager is travelling through an area of space populated by photon-hating aliens, so they have to 'hide' the Doctor inside Seven's Borg paraphernalia, except she accidentally falls asleep without downloading him back to his emitter, and they both end up in Unimatrix Zero, where Seven is more like her previously-human self, Annika - they fall in love in UMZ but Seven will not pursue the relationship in the real world. I really like this idea, too. :)

Memory - part of mine and Katie's Season 8, a multi-ship story but as ever, focused on Janeway/Chakoty and Doc/Seven. Voyager is flying through an area of space previously abandoned by the Borg, who have left behind a memory-wiping 'virus' of sorts which slowly erases all 'irrelevant' memories from the crew members (but only some of them), so everyone forgets everyone they love - Tom Paris forgets he has a wife and daughter, etc. Angstilicious followed by shamefully shippy. Of course. ;)

Sunset Boulevard

Actually, given the sheer amount of words I've dumped into this fandom, I only have two main WIP's (everything else is just fluff, or angst, or both):

Tango Up On Sunset - it's all plotted out, chapter by chapter, and the idea is awesome. One day I'll finish it, though it confuses my head-canon with real-canon forever.

Breakfast on Sunset - I love this idea SO MUCH. Seriously. It will probably be the last thing I ever do, but it NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

Ugly Betty

Strange Glue - OMG this story is now about three Christmases too late, but I will finish it when I do my re-watch. I love this story.

The X-Files

Untitled Post-"Arcadia" fic - almost done now, and then hopefully I'll stick it on FFN. I am never sharing my early stuff again, though.

So, that's it. I don't particularly want to count, and as I already said, this is just the stuff which is typed; I have no idea how much else I have knocking around - and this list does not include any of my original stuff. I never finish original stories either, so that would be basically all of them.

Erm, any requests? :P
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