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I sent off the job thingy this morning, after going through pros and cons this weekend of both my current job and the Legal Assistant one. I have nothing to lose by trying. Having an interview and then thinking about whether or not to accept it is not really an option because of the tight timescales (interviews will be tomorrow, with the person starting on Wednesday), but we'll see what happens.

If it hadn't been for having to email the expression of interest this morning, I wouldn't even be in today, as my back is in pieces. I have no idea why, seeing as I didn't do anything this weekend which might have aggravated it. Friday was spent on the sofa, as was Saturday, and all we did yesterday was hang some pictures to clear a shelf in the bedroom - and even then, Paul did most of the hammering and climbing on chairs. All I can think is that the decision to actually go for the job was a de-stress reaction, as my back does tend to flare up as a result of things like that. But yeah, it suddenly started hurting yesterday about 2.00pm, co-codamol is doing nothing, and I might well go home at lunchtime and lie on the sofa with my wheat-bag again. I was tempted to take Valerian last night... might try that tonight and see what happens. I can't afford to be off sick tomorrow either given there may be an interview happening - hopefully it won't clash with Caroline's maternity leaving lunch as that would be irritating... especially since, you know, if I get this job Tuesday will be my last day sitting with South Team.

Er, yeah, anyway, I will stop projecting possible outcomes. In other news, I had yet another POTO story idea this morning. I blame listening to the Crawford/Streisand "Music of the Night" duet on my MP3 player mostly for this, although frankly it could be the painkillers. :P

I can't remember the train of thought that quite let to this now, although oddly enough it popped into my head at the exact same point of my bus journey as the Pirates-fic. Not sure what it is about Colmore Circus that keeps doing this. Very weird. In any event, I got to thinking about Kay-verse, and remembered a bit in the first section of her book (Erik's childhood) where his mother, Madeleine, is becoming friendly with a doctor. She is feeling trapped by her 'demon child' and wants to elope with her doctor friend, who proffers the suggestion of sending young Erik to an asylum. I think it was worded differently, but that was the assumption. In the book this is the point where Erik runs away from home.

I'd quite like to write a story where he DOES get sent to the asylum and spends the rest of his life there. It would be something of a retelling of the key events of the POTO story but from that perspective; i.e. the same characters would appear but in different roles. So, Erik grows up in the asylum - hence a sociopathic recluse and musical genius, obviously more intelligent than the majority of doctors running the place (the phrase, "the inmates are running the asylum" springs to mind :D) and wielding enough power through terror to warrant relative comfort despite his confinement.

Gustave Daaé is one of the doctors at the asylum, a kindly and devout man whom Erik respects on a mutual level - they share a love of music and Gustave does not immediately dismiss Erik as a maniac, having worked at the asylum from his initial admission.

Gustave's daughter, Christine, visits the hospital regularly. I'm not sure of her capacity yet; initially I thought she could be a nurse but it might make more sense if she's not 'attached' to the place that officially. She could just visit the inmates occasionally, bring fresh bread or read to them, something like that. Anyway, at some point Erik overhears her singing in the chapel, a place he himself never visits, and so it begins.

Raoul is a young doctor at the hospital, a protegee of Dr Daaé and enamoured of Christine. He is well-meaning but ultimately cannot gain Erik's trust, all the more so after Christine becomes a factor.

Obviously somewhere the managers will make an appearance as the hospital's owners or whatever.

Clearly, this story does not have as many concrete ideas as the Pirates-as-Phantom one. :P I quite like the concept, though.

It would have been nice if all these story ideas could have come in a slow trickle rather than hurling themselves into my brain like bloody lemmings. :P

In other other news, now that I've reached the end of my PDR year, GodSquad has taken back the job of tidying up the IKEN contacts. She's just sent an email saying she's going to try and get rid of the duplicated addresses. HAHAHAHA good luck with that. If I didn't have time to do that then I'd love to know why she does, considering the reason I took the job off her in the first place was because she didn't have time!!

In any case, her email is a stark reminder of why I was job-hunting in the first place. So, thanks for reassuring my decision, GodSquad. :P
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