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Just so I can clear off the camera...

...here are three shots of the new embroidery showing progress so far.

*Rolf Harris voice* Can you tell what it is yet? ;)

The level of detail of these is a bit tricky to put into perspective; it will not look quite so blocky / pixelly wnen finished, I assure you! This is a small part of a much larger whole.

Anyway, I need to go bed in about half an hour to try and gain four hours' kip before we have to get up at 3.00am. Not sure how successful that will be, but it's a two-hour flight anyway. :P


Pics when I return. I have my phone with me so there might be some Instagram-spam if my international roaming actually works... in any event, we get back on 15th September (horrendously early in the morning), at which point I will update and post photos and probably do more embroidery. :P
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