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Somewhat Overdue

Right. It's been a while since I updated. I would do a holiday write-up, but I can't show you the pictures yet because Paul complained they always ended up on my Facebook and wanted to put them on his, but has yet to actually do so. (Actually, they're not even on the hard-drive yet.) At some point I might also post them to Flickr, but in any event, I'll link them here so people can see.

I went back to work on Wednesday, 19th September, at the brand shiny new building at Woodcock Street (the move having happened in my absence the Friday before). The actual moving-in - for me at least - was relatively painless, as everything had been set up for me. :) The building itself is nice - clean, bright, tidy, functional equipment, all that good stuff - but our location is not ideal. Employment Team, in whose area we are effectively sitting, are noisy bastards, and the sounds carries really strangely because of the open plan nature of the building. (I had to transcribe a police DVD last week whilst people were still moving in, an already difficult task made all the worse by the general level of background raucousness.)

All of the Children's Teams are sitting on the Lower Ground floor, below us, where it is much quieter. I miss South Team with a fiery passion at the moment, as I barely see them except when returning typing; I spent most of the first couple of days basically having conversations with people about the holiday and stuff. It's WEIRD not seeing them every day when I've worked with them since starting at Legal. :(

Also, as a result of the fact that Useless is stepping down as our line manager and the KEH Senior (alias yet to come - watch this space) is on leave this week, it feels a bit like the Ingleby (now "Children's") WPO's are in something of a limbo situation. Useless is doing the very bare minimum in terms of management - delegating the wealth of police tapes we've been lumbered with, for the most part - but things like our online flex balances on the Borer system are being ignored so that KEH Senior can deal with them. I told Useless she would have to authorise our flex on the system and she doesn't know how to do it because KEH Senior has had the training. It's really quite frustrating.

To update on the Forgetful / GodSquad situation: things seem to be somewhat quieter in that regard. I don't know if it's just because of the building move and whatnot, or the fact that Forgetful is sitting that much closer to me, but she doesn't seem quite so hostile. She's still basically not communicating with me except when necessary - I was forced to ask her about printing when no-one else was around - but there doesn't seem to be such a bad atmosphere around her desk any more. I think in all honesty I really needed the time off, too. We'll see what comes of it.

As for GodSquad, this week she was forced to be civil to me because Sue had asked her to cascade some information at her 1:1 about the contacts and how to attempt to resolve the duplication problem. I think they are finally going to lock down the system so only certain people can edit the contacts, which has come about two years too late, but anyway. The weird thing was as she approached my desk - a few moments after finishing a conversation with Forgetful - I had a flashback to primary school after I'd reported being bullied, when the ringleader came up and threatened me in th playground. I honestly thought for a second that GodSquad was going to start trouble, before logic kicked in that she wouldn't pick a fight in a very open office... Weird, though.

So, yeah. A few teething problems, and it's been deathly quiet for a few days because the Children's fee earners cannot see us and therefore we no longer exist. Demoted had to send an email asking for work, which frankly should have been Useless's job, but it seemed to do the trick...

In other news: Paul and I are going to see The Killers on 1st November. :D Their new album is frelling awesome, so I'm quite excited about that. A week after that I'm seeing Evanescence with my mum, so I need to try and lose some weight (again) in order to fit into any of my goth stuff. We'll see how successful that is.

Two more weeks of work to get through before I'm on leave again, as I have the week of my birthday off, at the end of which I'm going to Alton Towers with Vicky. :)

So, there are things to look forward to even if work is still crap.

I'm in Ambivalent About Choir Mode again, as usual in September. The recording of our Christmas CD was last weekend, and even though I was fully committed to it at the start, I didn't go to the recording sessions because they ate an entire weekend. They asked us to commit to two Saturdays, and it turned out to be all day Saturday and half of Sunday. Erm, what? I simply couldn't be arsed in the end, which is a shame because I was looking forward to it. Meh. I hate the first season, it's always insanely busy and eating all my free time. At the moment I need to weigh up whether I have too many other things going on my life (gym, swimming, having time to myself) to commit to it fully, so... yeah. We'll see.

Anyway, that'll do for an update. I haven't forgotten about the Fandom for February meme, incidentally, even though it's now so long overdue as to be extinct. I really do want to finish it, especially in light of my latest brain-eating 'ship of Mac/Caroline from Green Wing. I am bloody determined to finish it. Eventually. :P

Over and out.

PS: New work icon!
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