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Oh, Fandom, One Day You Will Actually Kill Me

This morning I had one of those terrifying, synchronistic moments where my MP3-player gave me a song that was so poignantly accurate I simply had to vent it. Obviously, the manner in which I vented it was tweeting commoncomitatus (who is on holiday, which only makes it worse that I felt the need to destroy her brain with it, too - but yay for modern technology not leaving me in fandomic limbo!) telling her to Google the lyrics in light of the piece of fic I sent her last night.

And then, of course, all the people on the bus think I'm a weirdo for trying not to laugh at my phone.

The song is P!nk's "True Love" (from her new album - click the link for bonus Lily Allen!). The fandom, obviously, is Jonathan Creek. The worst part is the last time the song rolled around (because my MP3-playlist is alphabetical) I struggled to think of a 'ship to which it could relate. Then this morning I nearly facepalmed from obviousness.

I've been slowly working on both the "Three Gamblers" tag - which is growing legs at an alarming rate - and some of the "X Times..." format story, which to some degree has been to blame for the legs in question. ;)

The "Three Gamblers" tag contains one particular scene which started out as a story in its own right, affectionately known as the tapas!fic. I cannot remember now which of the many email tennises this emerged from, but the basic premise was: Jonathan and Maddy go for tapas; she reels off a wide selection of dishes (as one would ordinarily do when having tapas), and follows it with the question, aimed at Jonathan, "So what are you having?"

I could never quite get it started, at first, because like all rabid plot bunnies, it bit me on the ankle and then buggered off without any kind of assistance as to setting or plot. Then I decided to slot it into the "Three Gamblers" tag (which has several missing scenes from various points in the episode that I thought needed more J/M interaction) after the Magic Awards Ceremony, the one that Adam fails to turn up for.

It's been sitting on my work PC unfinished for about a year. I've poked at it over the months, and got several words done on it just before the reinspiration struck, but I've only just managed to attach it to the tag (mostly because I was preoccupied with finishing the pre-series 3 Angstfic).

In the midst of scrawling out prematurely-late sequences of the "X Times" story (as in, I wanted to work through in episode order but got inspired to do the final angstier bits instead), I finally found a direction for the tapas!scene.

Bearing in mind it started out as a really silly idea that could easily have stayed as nothing more complex than a drabble, last night it went in a direction I never expected, straying into proper fluff territory. Unfortunately, the final scene of the "Three Gamblers" tag deals with Maddy getting the news about America, and I need to either include another, intervening scene or re-write it with the tapas!scene in mind, because at the moment it's like a record-scratch.

In any case, I'll have a look at it tonight.

And I really, really still need to find the courage to tackle "...Crooked Lane" and make it bend to my will. Any suggestions gratefully received.

As for the "X Times", I wrote down the episode titles I was going to use the other night, so I know where it's vaguely going. At some point, for example, I need to turn the "X" into an actual number. Thus far I've done "House of Monkeys" and "The Scented Room", with two more to type up - another version of events from the tapas!scene (which I've deliberately left sparse / done from Maddy's perspective rather than Jonathan's) and something else for the *ahem* fade-to-black from the Angstfic. (NOT IN THAT WAY.) It says a lot, I think, for how ingrained in my brain my own canon is, that I felt the need to do missing scenes for missing scenes! Or possibly, I'm just a tiny bit obsessed.

I think I'm going to end up doing a few more episodes than I thought for the "X Times", though - last night I went to watch episode clips on YouTube (for which, read: found entire episodes and scrolled through until I got to J/M scenes) and had, as ever, forgotten a few of the more subtle interactions. "Gallows Gate" has some really lovely stuff in it, for example, which I'd completely neglected before.

The particular bit of "Gallows Gate" (part 2) that I found last night includes an absolutely priceless exchange whilst Maddy is cooking scrambled eggs:

Maddy: Where's the salt?
Jonathan: That cupboard over your head. Top shelf, right at the back. [Maddy ferrets] There's a leaflet saying how it's bad for your heart.

This: (a) proves my theory of Jonathan's hypochondria more adequately than I ever thought possible; and (b) induces incoherent noises of glee for the subsequent eyebrow-raise. How I'd forgotten that, I do not know. It's even better than the smug!face in "The Scented Room", if that were even possible.

Also ended up re-watching the electrocuted-rat sequence of "Mother Redcap" probably more times than was strictly necessary, because I became suddenly distracted by the fact that Jonathan stares at Maddy a lot longer than he should do after he's tackled her to the floor - the bit immediately after: "Oh God, I could have killed you." He just keeps on staring - until he notices her expression change in reaction to the rat, anyway, and even then, there's the teeniest, tinest flicker of something. Seriously. It's awesome, and I can't believe I never noticed before. I'd already been toying with a "Mother Redcap" tag, but now there is definitely potential!

I am feeling the urge to picspam the hell out of this fandom right now - if only so I have a bloody point of reference! (I think that's my evening sorted!)


Coming out of the cut for this. cloudsinvenice, when are you good to start the joint re-watch? GETTING ANTSY OMG. It occurs to me I've not re-watched them on the MAHOOSIVE telly yet either (other than occasional glimpses on Watch when it's on), so coupling that with the fact the PS3 upscales the DVD's, I'm even more excited. :D

That being said - anyone else care to join us in the Grand Jonathan Creek Watchathon? (I still need to download "The Grinning Man" and "The Judas Tree", but frankly everything after series 3 is moot anyway. I need to re-watch both series 4 and the recent specials for context and research purposes, but nonetheless I do not relish the idea of suffering through those six episodes of Carla. Meh.)

Anyway, whenever the re-watch starts I'll announce it, and anyone with access to episodes is free to join the fun. :)
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