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Sorry for all the Creek-related spamination lately, but I'm trying to maintain momentum throughout this period of fandom reinspiration. For the most part, it keeps me sane at work (though you will notice that since successfully applying for the new job, I've stopped moaning about my colleagues - it's not worth the effort any more) and I've reached the point of starting to embrace the exhaustion now, because at least there's a valid reason for it.

Anyway. cloudsinvenice and I are commencing the Grand Jonathan Creek Watchathon this weekend (no set time or day), whereupon we shall both be blogging about it (and, in my case, picspamming). Other people are more than encouraged to join in, if you own, borrow or can otherwise procure the entire series. :D

The spamination, therefore, is likely to continue for AT LEAST another 18 weeks (the total amount of episodes starring Caroline Quentin), if not longer - though once we get to series 4 I suspect my actual blogging will dwindle, as will the picspam. The only screencap I want to get from series 4 is from "Seer in the Sands", of Maddy's email sign-off to Jonathan.

I didn't get much fic done last night, but I didn't particularly expect to. By the time I'd screencapped series 1, it was already approaching midnight. Incidentally, when I say "picspam", I mean Jonathan/Maddy (and occasionally just Jonathan) - I went through the episodes at 32x speed last night to find all their scenes together. Weirdly, I ended up with more screencaps from the NON-shippy episodes than for, e.g. "The Reconstituted Corpse" or "House of Monkeys". There are some really lovely shots in there, though, especially from "The Wrestler's Tomb".

I managed to get a few words down on the "Three Gamblers" tag, at least - jotting down a little snippet that popped into my head before it disappeared, which I'll try and tidy up later. I've also had some more ideas for other episodes. (It would have been nice to get these as a slow trickle rather than a bloody waterfall, though. :P)

  • For "House of Monkeys", a missing scene immediately following That Part and Jonathan's subsequent tumble down the stairs, whereupon Ingrid and Maddy look after him for a bit in the kitchen, and Maddy feels suitably contrite about kicking him out of (his own) bed.

  • For "Miracle on Crooked Lane", I think I've actually figured out how to fix it, bend it to my whims AND keep to canon. It's the completist in me: I couldn't tag an entire series and miss out one episode just because it didn't go the way I wanted, and the challenge has been trying to make it work. If only because the "Three Gamblers" tag becomes so insanely fluffy, apparently out of nowhere, and "...Crooked Lane" just throws a massive spanner in the works of my theory.

    So, basically: on getting back to civilisation, a Conversation ensues. I have a few bare bones of it in my head already, but the gist is that Jonathan accuses her of throwing up her defences and going into emotional lock-down as soon as things become serious, thus setting up herself (indeed, both of them) for failure. Not helped by the unfamiliar surroundings and much of what's already happened in the episode (Jeff [the Jonafan*] and his wife, for example).

    Not really sure where else it's going, but I anticipate the conversation will take its own path as usual, once I get it going. Both Jonathan and Maddy have been very vocal lately, so I'm not that worried.

  • Finally, a little extra for the "Three Gamblers" tag between the tapas!scene and the final bit. As much as I like the end of the tapas!scene (a perfect, fully-formed, knowing-what's-going-to-happen-next-without-seeing-it final line), apparently Jonathan had more to say on that matter, and there's already too much for the "X Times" version. Besides which, I really want the "X Times" story to be dialogue-light as much as possible, and I have a few fully-formed lines of dialogue ready to go for the next part - some very typical Maddy!snark being countered by Jonathan!honesty.

I am fully intending to work on the "House of Monkeys" tag today, as there's no work to do and I need the distraction. It's light enough that I can work on it in the office, too (writing fluff and/or heavy angst always ends up being impossible, because I can't immerse myself fully in the mindset AND function as a normal person).

* I stole that from cloudsinvenice. Henceforth members of this fandom are called Jonafen. Every good fandom needs a club name. :D

I am SO GLAD it's Friday. Re-watch notwithstanding, it'll be nice to have more hours of the day to play with: fandom flail is a timesink of the worst kind, and the more time I have to indulge it, the better.

I have been so distracted by JC lately that I've not even watched the New Year's EastEnders yet! I might get that over with early on Saturday, then tackle this week's episodes on Sunday. Too many shows, not enough brain.

Over and out. For now. *doomy music*
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