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Another new icon.

I'm determined to do at least one per episode now. If inspiration strikes there may be more. I definitely want to start including some Killers lyrics, too, preferably off Battle Born but I'm sure there are other equally brilliant and relevant songs on the other albums.

This one is more silly than shippy. :D (I couldn't NOT use it, now, could I?) I especially like how both of them look very confused about the situation.

In other news: "The Three Gamblers" episode tag is FINISHED. As in, all the scenes are done, it has an ending, it pre-empts the in-between angstfic, IT'S ACTUALLY PROPERLY FINISHED. Now I just need to tackle that bloody Crooked Lane monstrosity and I'll have done the entire of series 3.

This means I have to post them somewhere, doesn't it? *wibble*

In other other, non-fandom news: today at work was bloody knackering. I experienced first-hand how utterly frustrating it is when support staff fail to be supportive. Yesterday, Gaynor was doing a bundle for Jas. Because we have no laptop (it's gone AWOL again) she was using Sukhwinder's desktop first thing, but got kicked off after lunch because Sukhwinder came back. Then she was using Kemi's laptop til about 4.45, when the same thing happened. So she didn't have time to finish the bundle. Nonetheless, she'd put the original bundle into photocopying and asked for two paginated copies.

We paginage each section of the bundle from page 1 onwards. In other bits of Legal, they paginate all the way through.

When the photocopying finally made its way back to me (after worryingly sitting around on top of a filing cabinet for the best part of the moring, that is), it transpired the Clerical who'd done the copying had paginated in the latter format. So I took it back and was told that the instructions "should have been clearer." I couldn't be bothered to argue the toss considering they weren't my instructions, but the fact is the Clerical should have KNOWN what format to paginate in. I don't care if he came from KEH. They should have guidelines for this already, and if he wasn't sure he should have asked.

End point: Jas got stressed out because her bundle was delayed, and I had to work on it intermittently all day whilst helping Natasha with a much more complex bundle that took basically all afternoon to sort out. And then at half-four I got evicted from Sukhwinder's PC again. :P

I am still enjoying it, don't get me wrong, but today has given me a pretty good indication that I couldn't do it all day every day. It's MUCH too stressful. FFS, WPO fail frustrates me enough when I observe it at my own level; I cannot begin to imagine how frustrated it makes fee earners when their trained support staff fuck up simple tasks. No wonder we've got no work. :P

Okay, nothing else to see here. Over and out.
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