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Oh Yeah, I Have Other Fandoms...

"Defying Gravity" came on my MP3 this morning - the Glee version, obviously - and reminded me I forgot to post about season 4.

I'm already an episode behind because we missed it on Sunday and I've been too tired since then to concentrate on anything except ALL THE FEELS resulting out of the Jonathan Creek fandom flail. Maintaining momentum on more than one fandom at once is nigh-on impossible. Anyway, a few thoughts under the cut regarding episode 1, and I might actually start watching them and tweeting simultaneously as of next week.

Firstly: Rachel in New York - not living the dream, as it transpires, as she's been given a very healthy dose of real life. About time, too. She's learning the hardest way possible that it's no longer a case of the world not being ready for her, but vice versa. She's not a big fish in a small pond, she's a minnow in the ocean.

Her 'performance piece' in front of Carmen and her peers was okay, I suppose. I don't especially like the sound of her voice to start with, so I think that may be tainting my view. I'm still pissed off that Rachel got in and Kurt didn't; it should have been the other way around. Kurt can sing better, dance better, and gave the greatest audition of his life, whereas Rachel choked - twice. I am pleased he's moved to New York now, though, and my favourite scene was him surprising Rachel. That bit was lovely. Plus generally I prefer Rachel when she gets a firm kick up the backside, rather than being lost in her own little egotistical universe.

I felt the absence of Mercedes quite harshly. Puck, too. I like Puck, I think because he reminds me a bit of Spike. The introduction of his brother was clunky (I guessed immediately that's who he would be when he refused to give out his surname at the audition), and rather too paint-by-numbers for my liking - like they need to have a "bad boy" character to Transform Through the Power of Music otherwise the show fails in its duty of being a cliché. :P (I love this show, I really do, but sometimes it fails so hard.)

However, the "new Rachel" (I've forgotten her name already) is quite likeable, and her voice is amazing. Her mother being the lunch lady will, I expect, turn into another thread of the morality this show likes to bash us over the head with, but quite a few of my favourite Glee moments involve the kids' parents and the adult characters (must be my age!) so maybe they'll surprise me. I hope she hasn't replaced Bieste, though. She was on her way to becoming one of my favourite characters last season.

I assume at some point we're going to have a wedding episode for Will and Emma, too. Despite that pairing being a bit 'meh' I'm actually kind of looking forward to that, since I can guarantee it will probably make me cry like a baby - failing which it will doubtless make me FLAIL EPICALLY about Sue Sylvester.

Talking of whom... not much from her this episode other than the introduction of her baby and the New Quinn. I like the fact Sue feels the need to have a New Quinn (seriously, that bit in the season 3 finale where they said goodbye was SO SAD) but I dislike New Quinn herself. In fact, I generally dislike the fact that they've replaced old characters with new versions of them rather than, you know, giving us new characters. Let's face it, Mercedes has basically been replaced with Unique - and as much as I like Unique, s/he is not Mercedes. I give it two episodes before they introduce another feisty Hispanic girl to replace Santana.

Apparently Lauren is returning this season, too - which frankly is not worth it without Puck. I liked that pairing. I can give or take Rachel/Finn - which is just as well seeing as it looks like Rachel's going to break his heart pretty swiftly.

Anyway, after one episode I can't judge an entire season. Season 3 was pretty epic towards the latter end (most of that epic centring solely around Sue, I should add) so they may well surprise me. I just hope it hasn't run out of steam already, and that the remaining members of the original cast are enough to hold it together. We shall see.

I have so much stuff on Sky+ to catch up on: last week's Glee, two weeks' worth of EastEnders (the New Year week stuff was so long I ran out of time last weekend - I have about nine episodes to watch now), plus three brand new shows: The New Normal, Utopia and My Mad Fat Diary. Not to mention two seasons of American Horror Story, two seasons of Grimm and all of The River. Oh, and Ripper Street (for research!) and Victoria's Children and just not enough hours in the rest of my life now that I'm re-watching Jonathan Creek. Seriously. Can I have a month off work?

I've said this several times over the past couple of weeks, but: as much as I'm enjoying the flurry of creativity and feeling the need to nurture it as far as I can, it couldn't have come at worse time. Falling back into fandom is all well and good if you don't work for a living! I don't want to abandon all the JC stuffs now they've come so far, but I'm not sleeping properly and SO TIRED it's not even funny any more. Fandom-induced insomnia is better than work-induced exhaustion, but only just. :P

Paul has asked if we can make the JC re-watch more than one episode a week. I can sort of see where he's coming from because it's ridiculously addictive (and in any event we won't finish watching in time for the Easter special), but in order to find time to construct proper LJ posts AND find time to watch other things, I don't think it's even remotely manageable. I've been abandoning him every evening since the reinspiration struck to go upstairs and work on fic (also: the office is warm, dammit), which I feel really guilty about even though he's very understanding of my need to Get The Words Down, but I'm so knackered from the lack of sleep that that's literally all I'm doing with my evenings lately. Especially because it's frelling freezing right now and I don't want to move once I get warm. :P

In writing news: the tags continue to grow. I want to get some words down on the "Crooked Lane" tag today (as we have no work) - which cannot, will not, shall never be as long as the "Three Gamblers" tag (12,516 words, FFS!) and "The Day Before the Day" (almost the same again) because it comprises a conversation and NOTHING ELSE. There is no way in hell it can go over 3000 words. Right? Please?

Once that's done I will start giving thought to posting them somewhere. And work on the companion fic. And then doubtless include MOAR TAGS as I progress through the re-watch. Bloody hell, this show. I feel like it's taking revenge on me for all those cumulative months of not writing by throwing words upon words upon more words at my brain.

Yeeah. That being said, I'll start poking at that tag now. Over and out.
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