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Update on the Tag Project

In the light of "Jack in the Box" I am half-tempted to do a tag for Every Episode Ever Except Series 4. I have a little spark of inspiration for something, but I'm going to let it brew for a while and see if anything comes of it. If not a tag, then I suspect the "X Times" story will now cover all the episodes so it can go in there.

In other news: it's been snowing. On Friday we were released from work at 1.00pm - thankfully, we did actually receive the Inclement Weather Notice, which means I get credited back to 4.15 in any event (my negative flex thanks you, Mr Chief Executive). Paul and I were supposed to be going to Ben's leaving do at the Jeckyll and Hyde, and thus had been intending on staying at work until gone five, but instead we had one drink in the (very very crowded) pub and headed off to get the train an hour or so later. We decided to get the train because as we approached Colmore Row it was eerily quiet and we figured no buses were going to get through. We were on the train by 2.00pm, home by 2.45. I can't get home that bloody quickly on the bus on a normal day!

On Saturday we walked to Thimblemill Cemetery to take some photographs. Very pretty. Other than that, we've spent the weekend indoors in the warm, catching up on television and continuing the Jonathan Creek re-watch. (The current weather also makes me want to write a fluffy snow-themed story, but I think it would have to be a one-off, out-of-context thing. Rain features quite heavily in the tags, but seeing as "Omega Man" is set in June 1999, and I have Maddy leaving at the end of August of that year, there's no scope for wintry weather!)

This morning, the bus turned up on time, which saved me having to walk to the train station. It was also on time Friday morning after the first flurry of overnight snow. Why is it they can run the buses properly in this sort of weather but not all the time? The mind boggles.

Seeing as on Friday we had very little work to do (same again today), I tried to get some words done on the "Miracle in Crooked Lane" tag. I swear, that episode will be the death of me. I already vaguely knew how I was going to approach the tag and what the Grown-Up Conversation was going to entail - which was just as well, considering what happened later that night.

The problem is that my "Three Gamblers" tag sort of... comes out of nowhere, in terms of the shippiness, because I'd assumed some resolution of the Crooked Lane issue which is never seen - purely from the body language in the episode. I knew I'd have to tackle it eventually, then when I finished the "Three Gamblers" tag it became even more apparent that the issue could not remain 'unseen' and I actually had to deal with it, for completion's sake if nothing else. So, on Friday I added some words to what I'd already started. And then forgot to email it home in the panic over leaving early (though I remembered to email home the "Wrestler's Tomb" words for the "X Times" story, which I didn't find time to work on this weekend). My forgetfulness actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I hit a block writing the tag on Friday night because my memory for episodes is rubbish at best (stupid considering how many times I've seen them), so off I toddled to YouTube to watch the pertinent bits of the episode. At which point I realised the episode was almost completely unfixable, and proceeded to bash my head against a metaphorical brick wall. I don't think I will ever forgive David Renwick for the way he wrote that episode. I know by that point Caroline Quentin was already due to leave the show, which I'm sure was a massive blow to his confidence (seeing as he wrote the character for her), but that's absolutely no excuse to end things the way he did. Talk about throwing your toys out of the pram. The fact that it's the penultimate episode is the only saving grace - "The Three Gamblers" actually gives us a pretty amazing J/M scene which almost makes up for the fail - because if things had properly ended like that... ugh, I just can't even. It hurts too much to contemplate. Maddy disappearing to America was a hard enough pill to swallow, without that being the only parting gesture. As it stands, the episode's placement in the series at least allows some wiggle room for theorising and filling in the gaps.

So yeah. I basically sat there staring at my screen in utter disbelief, and was almost ready to give up on the entire tag project as a result. Which is SO ANNOYING, because I'd gone back to study bits of "The Curious Tale of Mr Spearfish" and "Ghosts Forge", and those two episodes really do fit / support my theory - I'll expand on that when we get to them in the re-watch, but there's a lot going on in the subtext of the character dynamic, and in Jonathan's general demeanour, to make me think I'm not completely insane. (Spearfish in particular was a total surprise, as my tag fits perfectly.) Crooked Lane just throws this massive spanner in the works and I was totally despondent about ever making it work.

So I stepped away from it for an hour or so, had a re-think, and approached it with a clear head. The resulting story is actually better than what I had before, as well as providing quite an interesting counterpoint to some of the other stories, of Maddy looking after Jonathan rather than the other way around. I've still managed to maintain some of the elements of my original idea (the direction and content of the Important Conversation, for the most part), and am actually very relieved I spotted the problem now, rather than several weeks down the line at the point of re-watching the episode properly.

There's still a way to go, though, and I think the "Ghosts Forge" tag might need a bit more of something, but I don't know what. As I say, I also want to do some kind of snow-themed story now too. (One of my favourite stories, now ages old because it was one of the first I ever found, is by an author called 'elfin' who mostly writes Jonathan/Adam slash, except for two J/M stories which are just GUH. One of them is called "Snowfall", and it's a tiny, perfectly-formed bundle of shippiness, involving snow. Obviously.) It's a shame I've already written the "Black Canary" tag, as there was snow in that episode. ;)

Of course, it doesn't help that Paul is feeding my J/M Thoughts with Thoughts Of His Own (see write-up yesterday) - nothing like a fresh pair of eyes to make things more interesting! Just when I think I have this 'ship figured out, it surprises me with new and exciting levels of awesomeness.

Next week we get to "The Reconstituted Corpse", and you should all be very, very scared. I resisted screencapping every nanosecond of That Kiss but that will not stop me rambling about it incessantly. :D

Ho hum, boring today. This weather is delaying my New Job quite horrendously - I was supposed to go to Margaret Street on Friday lunchtime to sort out the CRB paperwork, but it got put back to Tuesday - if the snow doesn't clear I very much suspect it'll get put back again. I don't want to hand in my notice until all the CRB and medical stuff is clear, and I am starting to get a bit antsy now because I kind of want a start date, you know?

Oh, bugger, and I still need to text Sharn. I got her mobile number off Kemi but keep forgetting / being too scared to use it. COME ON, SELF, YOU CAN DO IT.
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