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Legal Assistant day yesterday was quite good (other than the hour or so in the afternoon where everyone in South went to a team meeting and I had nothing to do - although I was helping Lisa out with a few bits and pieces). I didn't do very much really but it seemed to take all day...

Also managed to go to the gym AND swimming this week, which is an achievement on last week (snow notwithstanding; I would have done both if the public transport was in any way reliable). The gym was rubbish though - still full of new-year-resolution-y types so I couldn't get near half of the equipment, and several of the treadmills were out of action, too. Meh.

Yesterday I finally got the phonecall (or, well, I called back) about organising a start date for the new job. Apparently the CRB isn't needed after all as the process has changed, but the medical check has come back clear, so today I'm just sorting out notice period and whatnot with Sue so I can hand my notice in (hopefully) as of Monday - so potentially a start date of 4th March. (February is a blissfully short month!)

Today I was intending on getting an eye test, as the world has become significantly blurrier lately, except it'll have to wait until Monday now. I was going to get my 'spare' pair done as my main pair - I've not been able to wear them for two years because the last time I got my eyes tested it cost so frelling much for one pair of lenses that I could only afford to get my main pair altered, then kept forgetting about the other pair. As this pair are now looking a bit scruffy I had decided to get my red frames done as my main pair, then get two more sets - another spare/second pair and some prescription sunglasses. Since I've run out of money again, the plan changed to just getting the one set done and then getting new frames when I've got the spare cash for it.

Except, obviously, I couldn't find the bloody spare pair last night. I thought I could picture where it was but apparently I was wrong, so this weekend we need to turn the house upside down. Thankfully that will mean emptying some more boxes so we can start rearranging the upstairs rooms, but yeah, annoying. I can't see properly, dammit. :P

This morning, it transpires my job hunting could not have come at a better time. The WPO's are going to become part of Professional Support Services, thus no longer under the umbrella of Legal Services, which basically means they'll be offering a typing service to everyone. There may even be potential job losses, though having already lost four staff through "natural wastage" and me going hopefully quite soon, that might be a saving grace.

I suspect they may lose several more staff before the financial year is out. :P

Fic/writing-wise, I've hit another energy burn-out this week. With any luck it will just be a blip, and the re-watch on Saturday will reinspire me again. (Besides, secretarying and Legal Assistanting is taking away two days of potential writing! :P) I've done an episode tag for "The Scented Room" and I'm working on another Millennium Eve fic, this time in the post-ALTAF universe...

Last night I was absolutely shattered after swimming and went to bed early (although not as early as I'd hoped thanks to aforesaid glasses-hunting fail), then still ended up not getting to sleep until gone midnight because the post-ALTAF fic would not leave me alone. On the plus side, it's a lot shippier than I was hoping for. :D

I'm enjoying this universe more than I should, I think. Ages ago I was inspired to re-write series 4 with Maddy instead of Carla; now I'm inspired to re-write it with both Carla and Maddy (and also Harry). Jonathan and Carla can run around solving impossible crimes whilst Maddy is on 'maternity leave' - although I'm not quite sure how to get around "Seer of the Sands" because frankly, if any episode suffers from the lack of a snarky Maddy, it's that one! Though I guess he could just be emailing her at home. It would be amusing if Jonathan just... fails to mention Maddy at any point whilst working with Carla, until that point of the email when he's forced to explain who she is and the fact that they have a child together. OMG, Carla's reaction would be utterly priceless. :D

The point of ALTAF initially was to negate series 4 (and Carla) entirely, but I like this idea a lot. :D

The current re-watch is for tag / Doomfic research, so I'm being extra-observant with that in mind. (I very much suspect I will spend the majority of series 4 throttling midair, in lieu of being able to throttle Carla and/or David Renwick. DNW.) Once I've got some more progress done on the Doomfic and this re-watch is under my belt (two recent specials included, once I've bought them, and obviously the new one, too), I might re-watch series 4 again with a post-ALTAF universe in mind instead - just to see if a re-write would hold up. :)

This weekend - or hopefully Friday night - I need to start getting series 2 screencaps in readiness for future write-ups.

I keep feeling like when I've run out of episodes I'll have nothing to write. In fact, I need to get myself back into the ALTAF mindset and throw some more words at that. The post-story ficlets are all well and good, but I'm terrible for writing post-story ficlets and then never finishing the main story. On the plus side, I have been thinking about elements of the key scene at the end, it's just finding enough momentum now to do the boring investigative bits in the middle. :P

Right, over and out. Let's see how much fail my colleagues can cram into my next month of working at Legal, eh?
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