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minor ambitions. minor achievable ambitions.

i'm sure, somewhere in this house, my mother has hidden her old typewriter. either that or it's been thrown out. i hope not, otherwise i'm going to have to start searching antique shops and not be happy til i have an Underwood like in "moulin rouge". so, i really hope it's somewhere in this house. but if it is, i don't know where, because it's a frelling huge, gorgeous monster of a thing, and it's pretty hard to lose it...

and my minor, achievable ambition, is to one day write a whole book on a real typewriter. including all drafts, which will be properly annotated using pencil and a dipping pen. with red and black ink.

i still hand write most of my writing. or at the very least, i hand write the beginnings and then carry on with them using the word processor afterwards. there's just something about the writing process... you never feel like you've really written something unless you actually have, if you get my drift. (it's just a shame i can type faster than i can handwrite...)

and hence, it's the same with a typewriter. it has that same first draft, full of errors quality to it...

i wonder where that typewriter is...

i wonder where my quill is, more to the point...
Tags: best laid plans, writing: general
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