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My Subconscious is Evil

I tweeted about this already; here is the long version. But first, a story:

When I was 16 and obsessed (I mean, obsessed) with The X-Files, I used to dream about it constantly. I've forgotten most of those dreams now (though if my then-penfriend Jenn still has the letters I sent her, I did write them down at the time!), except for one. In that dream - and this would have been during about season 5 or 6, I think - I was watching an episode, in which Mulder and Scully finally got together. I missed the end of the episode because I had to go out, but thankfully I was taping it. I spent the entire of whatever I was doing looking forward to watching the episode when I got home, but I didn't get back until late so decided to watch it in the morning, and (in the dream) went to sleep.

Next morning, real life, I wake up and my thought pattern goes precisely like this: "Yay, now I can watch that-- oh, bollocks."

The purpose of this story is to demonstrate that occasionally, my subconscious is a bastard, and likes to punish me for fandom flail. Last night I started screencapping series 2 of Jonathan Creek in readiness for Saturday's re-watch, but gave up after "The Scented Room" because I ended up with 25 caps (as opposed to the previous episode, which had seven) and by that point it was eleven o'clock. Then I stayed up writing fanfic in bed until gone half-one, trying to get some words down on the latest post-ALTAF idea.

The dream I had last night (or this morning I think) is a bit of a blur now because it's been several hours since the event, and it didn't just involve Jonathan Creek but for the purposes of this entry I'll ignore the rest.

I can't really remember what was going on, except that there was a big house involved - of course - and both Jonathan and Maddy were there. I think there must have been some kind of mystery but it wasn't that clear. The house was the venue for a big swanky party which they were both attending - so we can assume either something to do with Adam, or something to do with Maddy's publishers, that sort of event. They were both all dressed up - Jonathan in his usual DJ/bowtie get-up, and Maddy in a gorgeous green dress covered in peacock feathers and sparkly bits. Kind of jealous, actually, it was beautiful. :)

This was one of those dreams where I was watching it like an episode, which I suppose makes sense. The party had been put on hold because of whatever the mystery was, and they'd had to go off and solve it still all dressed up. At one point they were standing outside having a conversation unrelated to the action, the gist of which was that they had to get it all sorted/solved/whatever before they could progress things further - both of them admitting that they wanted to be with the other but it was currently impossible.

It was awesome.

In the dream I was watching it sort of in the background, like when the episodes are on Watch and I put them on in the background just because there's nothing else on - but as I was watching it I realised I'd never actually seen it before. It turned out to be in series 2, so immediately I decided I was going to dig out the boxset and go to find it, and I remember shouting at people saying "I can't believe I've never seen this before!" and being very excited because it proved my theory perfectly and meant I wasn't insane.

This morning, half awake, it took me about 15 minutes to remember that no such bloody episode existed. Sadface.

Et tu, subconscious?

In other news, today I have spent mostly cooking and traipsing around trying to find chicken livers (nowhere in Bearwood sells them so we ended up bussing all the way to Spring Hill Tesco, who thankfully pulled through - we bought four packets to stock up!). My first ever attempt at shortcrust pastry didn't go TOO badly, all things told, but the proof of the pudding will be in the cutting it up tomorrow. (I'm going into work at 12.30 for Natasha's leaving picnic, so I've made a lemon meringue pie - plus some bread, tomorrow.)

For dinner today: chicken livers in sherry sauce with Mediterranean bread (from Tesco), followed by Parma ham wrapped monkfish with samphire risotto, and pineapple sorbet for dessert (made last weekend). NOM NOM.
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