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Long Weekend Update (and More Fandom)

Apart from my subconscious being evil, I haven't actually updated properly about what we got up to over Valentine's Day. As it transpires, thanks to migraines and fandom, we did not get up to very much.

Paul and I booked off Thursday/Friday of last week. The original plan was to go out somewhere for the day (I had Stratford in mind initially) and either have a nice lunch wherever we ended up, or book a table somewhere for when we got back. Due to being skint, however, I opted to cook a special dinner instead. We also had a vague plan of going to the Sea Life Centre, but I lost my 2-for-1 voucher, and anyway the weather was weird.

Thursday ended up being quite busy - at least for me. We went to Bearwood in the morning for a few ingredients, whereupon it transpired none of the butchers we tried (the local one around the corner and both of them in Bearwood) did not sell chicken livers. So we ended up traipsing to Spring Hill Tesco on the bus because the last time I went there they had some in their halal section - no joy there, BUT they had some in their standard meat fridges for 99p a pack, so we bought four. Obviously. I weighed out what we needed for the starter (chicken livers in sherry sauce, courtesy of our tapas recipe book) and then apportioned the rest into 8oz bags for future paté making. We got about five bags out of it, plus the 450g I needed for the starter. :) Not bad at all for under £4.00.

We almost failed to get Parma ham, too, but thankfully it was hiding in the corner in Aldi so that was okay. The main course was monkfish wrapped in said Parma ham, served with a samphire risotto - which had too much samphire in it, as it turned out, but was very tasty nonetheless. (We bought the monkfish ages ago and I was saving it for a special occasion.)

Aside from that, I spent the entire day in the kitchen anyway as I was making a lemon meringue pie, combining two separate recipes from the Mary Berry book I got for Christmas. My first ever attempt at shortcrust pastry actually didn't turn out too badly - it split a little bit, but none of the filling fell out of the pie, so overall I'd call it a success.

The pie was for Natasha's leaving picnic at work on Friday, for which I was heading back into work because otherwise I won't see her before I go. On Friday morning I got up to make bread - initially it was going to be balsamic onion topped focaccia, but I changed my mind and went for a cottage loaf instead - unfortunately it turned into a blob rather than a cottage loaf (I need to get some large airtight bags suitable for putting a baking tray into, as trying to cover it in clingfilm doesn't really work - alternatively, I need to get one of those Teflon baking sheets and then I could just improvise somehow...) but it tasted very nice and was still warm by the time I got it to work. :D

Because I had loads to carry I opted to get a taxi to work, which I rang at 11.45 and then proceeded to wait half an hour for the bloody thing to turn up. Thankfully I got into work for about 12.35 so didn't miss very much, and the bread and pie went down very well indeed.

I also had a migraine on Friday, which kicked in whilst I was making the bread, went away briefly whilst at work but then came back with a vengeance as soon as I started walking towards the bus stop. It persisted all day, niggling away at my right temple, despite two doses of Migraleve.

On waking up Saturday morning, the migraine had swapped sides, which was ridiculously unfair. Given the Migraleve had been basically ineffectual the day before, I ended up eating ibuprofen all day instead - thankfully by Sunday it disappeared. I think the fact that I need new glasses is really not helping, but I can't do anything about that until payday really - part of me wants to just stick the test/lenses cost on the credit card, but it's enough of a bastard to pay off as it is... :(

Anyway, migraine(s) aside, on Saturday we did the Jonathan Creek re-watch (of course), as well as Captain America and Thor, in readiness for Avengers Assemble on Sunday night. I would say more but, you know, migraine - plus we didn't watch Avengers until late Sunday night and I'd already broken my brain with JC fandom stuff by then...

I managed to get my "Gallows Gate" inspired fluff written and typed up on Saturday - full of typos, but I blame the headache for that. For most of Sunday afternoon, I ended up cheating on the rewatch (again) by watching clips/bits of episodes on YouTube. For the most part this is because there is SO LITTLE STUFF to indulge myself on, fandom-wise - I've been re-reading my favourite PeaHopeless stories endlessly lately, but I should put them away for a bit because they're so much better when I come back to them after a long absence. (It's the biggest archive there is, even though there are a couple of stories missing thanks to AOL killing the webspace - even the Wayback Machine couldn't save them. The characterisation is not perfect, but they are fluffy enough to be insanely satisfying when I reach that point of no longer caring.)

Anyway, as to YouTube, I decided to start with "...Spearfish" and go through the rest from there, because I'm trying to assess whether or not the tags actually fit the episodes - after "Crooked Lane", I'm not taking any chances. For the most part, they do. When we get to "Spearfish" I can't wait to run one particular scene through Photoshop to improve the brightness, because basically there's this potentially shippy sequence which is shot in TOTAL DARKNESS. Frankly, that's the least of Renwick's sins in series 3. I'm hoping Photoshop will be appropriately enlightening (badum-tish).

The good thing is, the tags for "Spearfish", "Omega Man" and "Ghosts Forge" - or I should say, my theory for that series as a whole - fit absolutely perfectly. "Crooked Lane" is still iffy, but I did my best with it. "Three Gamblers" works pretty well, though by that point the tag goes off into my own interpretation anyway, so it feels a bit less constrained by Actual Events. :)

Another good thing is that series 3 gives us two very exact date placeholders, namely 30th June 1999 (the cheque at the end of "Omega Man") and 17th July 1999 (the date of Adam's invitation to the British Magic Awards). This does indicate, however, that all of the events of "Ghosts Forge", "Crooked Lane" and "Three Gamblers" must occur within about 20 days (if we assume he actually receives the invitation a bit later than it's dated, or maybe doesn't open it for ages), which is a lot tighter than I thought - but it does mean my suppositions as to the timing of stuff were almost spot-on (both for the Doomfic and ALTAF). I imagine we're not supposed to look for this stuff that closely and those dates are more a reflection on when things were filmed, but whatevs - I can still pretend that "Three Gamblers" is at the end of July if all else fails. :P

That little moment of glee was rather surpassed, however, by my decision to go and find relevant bits of "Satan's Chimney" and "The Judas Tree". It also transpires that Instrumentuls, the user who's posted all the episodes, has uploaded the US edited version of "Satan's Chimney", which OMITS THE POSTCARD BIT. No wonder people were so confused. I found another version on YouTube (user: Nick Pike) which has the whole episode, though. The postcard bit is sort of irreverent (if not irrelevant) so I can see why it got edited out, but considering it saves a matter of seconds of airtime I can't really understand it.

Anyway, that conversation between Carla and Jonathan regarding Maddy's junket is just... AUGH. His comment about being pre-emptive is so interesting, and I need to try and work that into the Doomfic somehow, but I'll start thinking about that properly when I get to series 4 and beyond... The conversation in and of itself is one of those little throwaway moments which are so very important to this show - not so much for the actual content of it, but for Jonathan's face at the end. :(

As for "The Judas Tree"... watching That Conversation In The Pub was a mistake - it utterly broke me. It still makes no sense in context, no matter how many times I watch it. I'm still convinced it's a reference to Maddy. It HAS to be. The words coming out of Joey's mouth bear no resemblance to what they were discussing a minute before, and just... Jonathan's face, again - the resignation in his voice. I can't unsee it now, and in the absence of ever being able to understand it, my theory is now canon. :P

I think I've said this before, but: it makes me a very bad Jonafan that I'm looking forward to the inevitable, veiled Maddy!mention in the Easter special more than I'm looking forward to the episode itself. She's always been there at the heart of the show, and even though I suspect the mentions are going to become more and more obscure and disguised, I'm convinced they'll always be there. Or - and this is very likely - I'll drive myself mad trying to find them either way.

One of the many bonuses of this re-watch is the fact that we're doing an episode per week - if I was doing a full-scale how-many-episodes-can-I-cram-into-one-sitting marathon, I very much suspect I would be a gibbering wreck of WHYYYYYYYY by the end of it. I learned that the hard way with Buffy, when I caught up on my season 7 backlog before the finale, got as far as "Touched" (and knew it was coming!) and then had to stop because I literally couldn't stop crying. Marathons are brilliant, but you need to break them up with Real Life or you will actually  go insane.

So yeah. I would probably have more to say about Avengers Assemble but unfortunately, the JC stuff ate my brain.

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