T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

Two more embroidery pics...

I will update about various things at some point, not the least of which will be a full account of my overnighter at Derby Gaol on Friday - for my own posterity if nothing else. It was a very interesting experience and one which I am eager to repeat, either in the same location or elsewhere...

Anyway, here's two more photos of the embroidery progress...

In the first one I've done the red&gold border along the top of the spokes, and the first shade for the shadow. In the second one it's just the little red symbol.

It looks a little off-centre / lopsided but that's just because the canvas is tauter in the middle than the edges. :)

Hopefully on Monday I will have a line manager, at which point will follow: a desk (and thus a pedestal), a laptop, my attendance from my first day being approved on Borer, and my annual leave getting booked for April. And also: being able to do my bloody job properly.

So yes. Full and proper updates to follow at some point when I'm not busy / knackered / pre-menstrual :P
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