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Another Mean Fandom Dream

This long weekend I want to get around to doing a couple of LJ entries (last day at work plus two weeks off, and the Derby Gaol vigil from last week), as well as some Jonathan Creek screencaps, at least the rest of series 2 and "Black Canary" if not more.

Talking of which... the next Easter special is this Monday and I AM EXCITE. There have been two interviews posted on Tumblr recently with Alan Davies and Sheridan Smith, in which Alan moans that "Creek Geeks" used to send him awful fanfic in the 90s (trying to write mysteries and failing - it makes me wonder what he might make of mine, being mostly character / non-mystery based!) and Sheridan made a very interesting / intriguing comment. She said it's been three years since the last special (which means I've been plotting the Doomfic that long without getting anywhere!) and Joey is the same old Joey, but Jonathan has changed quite a lot.

She wouldn't reveal any more than that, but needless to say it got the cogs turning. :) I am, of course, going to be on the look-out for another veiled Maddy!mention, as they are now traditional. In light of that comment from Sheridan, I am very curious as to whether Renwick will still be projecting his own feelings onto Jonathan regarding Caroline's departure, and whether it means that actually, Renwick is the one who's grown up about it. Or, as ever, I'm just reading too much into it. I will try and do a full and comprehensive write-up of the episode afterwards, anyway. :)

In any case, I blame that comment for the fact that I had another Creek dream this morning which was EPIC and SHIPPY and which I now can't remember properly. Of course.

Thanks to getting distracted by TV this morning, most of this has already fallen out of my head - I'm starting to think I should leave the laptop by the bed for situations like this...

Anyway, what I can remember is that it was an 'episode' and it was supposed to be part of the three that are being filmed in the autumn (which OMG YAY), and obviously, because this is my brain, Maddy was very much present. At some point whilst watching this dream I came to the conclusion that at some point before the Easter special she must have come back from America to be with Jonathan, even though it was never implied or seen in the episode. (I halfway suspect if this ever does happen, that is exactly how David Renwick would write it. I'm actually convinced that even if there ever is a J/M reunion, we will probably never see it. He's the King of the Cop-Out sometimes.)

So, it began that they were in a hotel, waking up in the morning in the same bed. This did not seem unusual, but rather a common / expected turn of events. Hence the unseen reunion. They were at some kind of convention and the hotel was an old house (of course). There was a whole mess of stuff that occurred in the middle of all this which I now can't remember, except it then transpired the hotel was a spaceship (WTF?) and they were actually in space, and someone had lost something,

The onus fell onto Jonathan and Maddy to go out into space to find it. In fact, Jonathan essentially volunteered them for the task, apparently having some hitherto unknown interest in space travel, so they ended up spacewalking trying to retrieve whatever this person had misplaced. They found it really quickly and got back inside, but Jonathan was disappointed because he'd wanted to stay out there longer.

Oh yeah, there was also something to do with the planets aligning, and Maddy had this nifty smartphone app which predicted it at one point.

The dream segued into another JC-related bit where I was 'watching' things but in fact it transpired to be reading fanfic (so I suppose I was visualising it really) and it all looked like it was proper J/M stuff but then it turned out to be something else. That bit is quite vague.

Annoyingly, I know there were whole sections of lovely fluffy shippiness and Important Conversations, but alas, they have vanished into the ether. I am really not enjoying my brain's latest tendency to never remember dreams, either properly or at all. I was hoping it was a reaction to all the work stress whilst at Legal, but I suspect instead it's merely a side effect of getting old. :(

So, that's that.

The JC flail has not disappeared, incidentally, it's just hibernating until such point as cloudsinvenice and I recommence our rewatch. I have an idea for another story brewing away, namely a POTO crossover (don't ask), so that combined with the imminent Easter special are to blame for the dream, I suspect.

Anyway, today I will try and get some embroidery done before cooking tea and going to the pub, and later this weekend I will do proper updates. I want to get them written before the new JC episode because that will take enough time as it is. :P

Over and out - for now.
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