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Another quick embroidery update.

Just got back from swimming so am knackered after my shower, waiting on Paul to cook me wholesome soup (from Waitrose), so here's another progress pic from yesterday and Monday.

Not an especially good pic as I couldn't be bothered to take it off the frame (this picture is technically upside down) but I've started on the main design. Progress is slow but it's starting to take shape. :)

I will tackle that border in stages, I think - it grows fairly quickly as it's done in half cross-stitch but is still very time-consuming...

In LJ preview this picture is still showing up huge and the wrong way up; if it's still not playing later I'll resize properly in Photoshop when I'm on the desktop. Photobucket fails again.

In other news: had my first supervision today, which went as well as could be expected. I learnt that my line manager wanted me in her team as early as the minute-taking test, and that the minutes I took at said test were actually better than those taken by long-term CPA's (presumably when they had to test it for sense early on). And one of the Chairs - whose ordinary response to any new person is to instinctively dislike them - had already sung my praises before my line manager even returned from sick leave. :)

So yeah - all good. :)
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