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Another Day, Another Rewatch...

Somewhat overdue an update - this is what happens when I have work to do.

Firstly: in writing news, I've finished my latest Pirates story, "Oranges to Florida", inasmuch as it's done on paper but I have 6.5 hand-written pages still to type up. Once that's done I will give it another once-over before posting to FFN / plugging on Tumblr. I've been trying to keep the style consistent, but a recent bout of reinspiration has meant that the latter half of the story is more dialogue-heavy than the beginning (and indeed more than I envisaged when I started), as well as including more from Jack's POV in addition to Elizabeth's. (Also, thanks to starting to follow the Sparrabeth blog on Tumblr halfway through writing it, the ending went in a direction I hadn't quite intended because my head was full of meta and subtext and FEELS. I'm not complaining, though, because it ends with some bloody glorious angst. :D)

Paul and I have finally made some progress in moving around the upstairs rooms, although the plan did change a little bit. We're about halfway done now - the daybed and TV / video storage unit (ex-wardrobe) have switched rooms with the PC and cube unit (effectively making the larger spare bedroom the office rather than the box room). This has meant that Denise and I were able to commence our X-Files rewatch on Sunday as we have somewhere to actually watch the videos. :D

In the process of room rearranging I thankfully uncovered my Sims 3 disc so have installed that on the laptop. It now runs properly and has already eaten about 16 hours of my life; at some point soon I'm going to start creating my own (hopefully fandom) characters, and I'm already dreading the insanity that will inevitably ensue... I think I'll probably start with Jonathan Creek; if I'm successful in orchestrating a Sim!Harry, I will be sure to share the (doubtless terrifying) results. :D

After tweeting a random conversation about badgers at work this afternoon, it has also resulted in potentially re-starting the Grand Jonathan Creek Watchathon soon with cloudsinvenice. (Badgers = Jonathan Creek. So shall it be forever amen.)

The conversation in question went something like this:

Karen, who walks to work: I saw a badger walking to work this morning.
[Cue jokes about the badger going to the office.]
Me: Did it have a briefcase?
Maria: *has hysterics*

(We were all very tired and it was quiet in the office. :P)

As for the X-Files rewatch, on Sunday we managed to get through the first seven episodes ("Pilot", "Deep Throat", "Squeeze", "Conduit", "The Jersey Devil", "Shadows" and "Ghost in the Machine" - the fact that I still remember these without looking them up demonstrates how many times I've seen season 1). My intention this time around is to (a) finish all nine seasons, even though it's going to take a bit longer than last time, and (b) top up my original LJ episode reviews / recaps with different episodes. In all likelihood, however, I will just go on Tumblr and flail at the shippiness instead. :P

Rewatches with friends are fun. :D

Denise and I were chatting whilst watching, and commentating on such important issues as Mulder (and Scully's) awful hairstyles, Scully's terrible shoulder-pads, and the fact that Seth Green has not aged in the 20 years since his cameo in "Deep Throat". The earlier seasons have the same almost-timeless quality of Jonathan Creek, in many respects, with stuff like cars and mobile phones (and computers) being the only things which remind you of the time period. Season 1 does look a bit dated now, but I suspect watching it on VHS doesn't really help with that (the timestamps at the start of the videos with the serial numbers on (who remembers that?!) indicate they were relased in 1997, which sounds about right for my level of obsession at the time of acquiring them; for being 15 years old they've definitely stood the test of time...)

The thing I find most fascinating is that I can still remember trying to find the barest glimpses of shippiness back when I first got the videos. I've said before that this was the show that turned me into a shipper, and even though I wasn't fully-fledged until halfway through season 2 ("Irresistible"), once I had the earlier episodes I was basically analysing them to death - a habit which has remained to this day, and which has served me well in other fandoms *cough*JonathanCreek*cough*. When you have very little to go on, the devil is in the detail. The main reason I remember this so well is because at that point, over the post-GCSE summer holidays when I had loads of spare time, I was writing my own "episode guide" (which I thought was hilariously-written at the time; whenever I re-read it I cringe, like everything I've ever written for this fandom pre-2004) and was scouring each and every episode for Mulder/Scully moments.

For example: the Infamous Mosquite Bite Scene (or IMBS as it became known back then) in "Pilot"; Mulder ushering Scully through doorways or dragging her places by the hand; gentle flirting that at this stage is nothing more than that - Scully, in "The Jersey Devil", threatening to hurt Mulder "like that beast woman" if he keeps being sarcastic. Basically, even though Chris Carter regularly said he never intended for them to get together (despite caving under the pressure by the end of the run because, well, there was nowhere else it could go), there was no way he could have predicted the chemistry between his two leads. The fandoms (and pairings) which succeed for me on that level are those which are happy accidents in terms of casting (Jonathan/Maddy is obviously another, and Norma/Joe in the UK tour [more so than generally]) - where even if it was never the writer or director's intention, the pairing becomes self-evident through the actors' off-screen dynamic.

But anyway: it's early days yet. And no matter how many times I re-watch, those shipper moments are so ingrained into my consciousness now that I can't help but get excited all over again. :) I never anticipated back in my teens when I was thoroughly, irredeemably obsessed with this show, that it would go on to gain cult status, or that I would renewedly enjoy it when I was older and wiser. Just goes to show that all those people who thought I'd "grow out of it" had no idea what they were dealing with. :D

You do not grow out of fandom. You might get older and tireder and less inclined to bother with the hassle / idiots / fail, but you never, ever grow out of it. I firmly believe I will still be discovering new fandoms well into my old age, as well as constantly re-discovering the old ones along the way. That's what box sets are for. :P

Still not much to say about the actual episodes yet, as season 1 was a hodge-podge of "monster of the week" and early conspiracy stuff before the proper mythology set in, but I'll try and do an update every time we watch some episodes, at the very least. (I do, however, reserve the right to continually flail over "Post-Modern Prometheus". All my life.)
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