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Embroidery Update

I'm over halfway through my week off and I've done bugger all - mostly due to migraines, but also due to laziness. Too much sleep. I blame Christmas and having to work for most of it - I had no idea what day of the week it was most of the time. :P

Anyway, that aside, I have done a bit more embroidery, so here's a couple of progress pics from today and yesterday. (There was definitely some progress made before this but I don't seem to have taken a picture. I've posted the last one for reference as it's been so long...)

My numbering seems to have gone awry somewhere as I appear to have forgotten a picture along the way. Or it could be that I'm just confused due to current migraine, as they generally make me stupid. Also, apparently Photobucket is still being a pain in the eema, so apologies if these end up the wrong way around - I've tried rotating online AND offline and it's having none of it. Anyway...

This was the last update:-

Yesterday and today I've done this:-

The border looks wonky because the fabric is pulled tauter in that particular spot than elsewhere - I can assure you it is actually straight. :)

Definitely coming along!

I had good intentions this week to get some of my various fic loose ends typed up (I have at least eight for Jonathan Creek alone, if not more) but it's TOO BLOODY COLD. I have made a little progress on paper, but my folder is starting to fill up now! (I have some stuff I need to move into the other folder anyway - once I've extricated it from the pile of stuff in the office, that is. Once I've typed up written drafts I move them into a separate folder - I like keeping first drafts around even when they're done and dusted.)

Anyway, tea time now. Over and out.
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