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A quick embroidery update...

I've had two weeks off and done bugger all (as usual) - I need to do a Brighton write-up, though in fairness we didn't do much whilst we were there, either. Paul is off out to a family birthday tonight (I'm not in the mood to be sociable) so I might use the time this evening to at least get something productive done, even if it's just posting the first chapter of my PotC story to FFN at last...

Anyway, I did a bit more embroidery t'other day, after going out to buy new bolts for my frame as the old ones had completely worn down...

The border is still slowly growing (it's a tedious pain in the arse, but at least it's only in half-cross-stitch so takes half the time it would normally) and I've finished one shade of green for the leaves...

Not much else to report. I've been playing a lot of Tomb Raider and not much else!
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