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Shipping Meme, in lieu of a proper entry.

I will do a proper update at some point, probably tomorrow or at least next week. Not that very much has happened, but I've been intending to do it for ages. I don't have time now as I have to run off to a pre-concert rehearsal at 1.30 for the first concert of many this season, the Karl Jenkins 70th birthday celebration (choir is one of the things I need to update about).

Anyway, without further ado, here is a 40-question shipping meme I found on Tumblr. I would fill it out there but I dislike their cut text format. :P

1. Talk about the first ship you ever had.

Okay, this is actually a really tough one because I was a shipper for a very long time before I even realised what shipping was. On that basis I suppose the answer would be Maria/Georg from The Sound of Music, because I used to get that tingly shippy feeling about them long before I knew what it was!

2. Talk about three of the most important ships throughout your life.

Hmmm. Okay.

(i) Mulder/Scully (X-Files) because they were the ship that introduced me to what shipping was, and because they formulated the majority of my watching habits when I first got obsessed with the show.

(ii) John/Aeryn (Farscape) because the 'season of death' occurred around about the same time as a pretty dark period in my own life, and I poured all of my real life angst into 'Scape stories mostly centred around these two. Literally one a week a one point, as I did endless post-episode stories. (A prime example, though not the first by any stretch, of fandom keeping me sane.)

(iii) Norma/Joe (Sunset Boulevard) because of the sheer amount of fic they produced at the time - those heady, muggy, sleepless nights of endless fic-writing - and because of all the other stuff that came out of that very first story. Also I could analyse them perpetually and still never manage to boil it down to anything more perfect than "BECAUSE GUH".

3. What’s your current OTP?

Currently it's a toss-up between NIles/Daphne as we progress the Frasier rewatch, and Erik/Christine thanks to ongoing POTO re-flailing.

4. What’s your current NOTP?

I'm not sure I have one, actually! I always answer Chakotay/Seven (Star Trek: Voyager) here because so many years later it's still a world of NOPE.

5. Do you have any poly ships?

I've never actually had one but several of my OTP's have the potential to become them...

6. How do you feel about love triangles?

Considering how many of my OTP's involve them I couldn't very well dismiss them, could I? I think, used well, they can provide a lot of interesting conflict/chemistry to a 'ship, but it's very easy to just drag them out for too long.

7. How do you feel about RPF?

Conflicted - the thought of it really icks me out, but I am half-guilty of it anyway ("Come Forward", my not-Most-Haunted-fic-honest-guv.) Besides which, given the insanity of the MHOTP at the time, even though it was 99% done in jest, I can't exactly frown upon it any more. And yeah, Giles/Sue is still my guilty pleasure...

8. Have you ever shipped yourself with a character?

BWAHAHAHA. *ahem* By which I mean, yes, in a manner of speaking, if you count my Star Trek Mary Sue. :P

9. Do you have many ships that never got together at all?

Quite a few, actually, though I imagine the actual percentage from all of my 'ships ever is quite small. Off the top of my head...

Erik/Christine (in canon, anyway; LND does not count as canon)
Jonathan/Maddy (at least not properly, though the subtext begs to differ!)
Jack/Elizabeth (DMC, though appreciated, doesn't count)
Buffy/Spike (I mean, technically they kind of did, but not Happily Ever After together)

I'm sure there are more, but that'll do.

10. Do you ship any characters that have never met?

Giles from BTVS and Bernadette from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. They were a glorious union perpetuated by the Crossover of Doom and it's only legacy.

11. Talk about your favorite first kiss.

Oh, wow, this is hard! I'm going to have to go with Jonathan/Maddy from Jonathan Creek, because it was just so THEM, and every time I re-watch "The Reconstituted Corpse" I end up flailing over that kiss all over again. It has so many layers of awesomeness once you start chipping away at the series and the subtext, and ignore all the mess that came later. I mostly just love how it devolves from Maddy trying to put off her blind date into something that hints of being more than that, and Jonathan's stunned reaction - plus, the immediate aftermath is quite sweet. :)

12. Have you ever been disappointed when your ship finally got together?

The only example I can think of here is Dax/Bashir from DS9. I was always a Dax/Bashir shipper, and at the end of season 7 they did end up together, but it was Julian and Ezri rather than Jadzia. Ezri admitted once that if Jadzia hadn't married Worf then it would have been Julian, which was just heart-rendingly awful, and by the time he and Ezri were together it was a relief more than anything else. I still shipped Julian/Ezri but it wasn't the same, because Ezri and Jadzia weren't the same person other than the Dax connection, and it always felt like he was settling for second best. So yeah, I suppose "disappointed" is the wrong word, but it was definitely a let-down.

13. Has a ship ever broken your heart?

How many do you want?!

Jonathan/Maddy - because of what could have been, and because Renwick is a brat.
Erik/Christine - because HOW COULD IT NOT.
Niles/Daphne - before they finally got together, because we've just watched the episode where Niles's divorce is finalised and Daphne is charmed by Donny, his lawyer, and just... augh. Only this show could make "cherry bark and almonds" so poignant. :(

14. How do you feel about will they/won’t they?

Again, this applies to quite a lot of my 'ships. It's another of those things where if it's done right, and not dragged out too long, it can be very effective. I'll go back to NIles/Daphne here because the show knew exactly when to end the chase, and even though season 8 was a bit lack-lustre (given a lot of the humour and angst came from the unrequited love angle), it definitely upped its game in the latter seasons.

Also, an honourable mention for The X-Files because if ever a show did "will they / won't they" to perfection, it was that one. :D

15. Have you ever “shipped at first sight”?

Norma/Joe, without a doubt - even before I'd seen the thing in full. Also: John/Aeryn (as the episode that dragged me in was "Look at the Princess" part 1; and Janeway/Chakotay because my first Voyager episode was "Resolutions", in all its cliched and ridiculous glory.

16. Talk about a ship you initially disliked.

I can't think of one - though I suppose I could go for Betty/Joe (Sunset Boulevard) here, as initially I viewed the dymanic between Norma/Joe/Betty as being very similar to Erik/Christine/Raoul, and was thus fully prepared to hate Betty, except then all the 'ships started getting complicated. I don't 'ship Betty/Joe in the traditional sense, but I can't NOT 'ship them because to do so would be dishonouring the complex amazingness that is the subject matter. :P

17. Talk about a pairing you’ve stopped shipping romantically.

I wouldn't say "stopped", but I do have some non-romantic 'ships, such as Jonathan/Joey (Jonathan Creek). I just love their dynamic; even though I was worried at first that Renwick would try and force it like he did with Carla, thankfully he had a small moment of clarity and opted against it - or Alan/Sheridan decided not to play it that way, which I suspect is more the case. :P

I could also mention Paris/Torres (Voyager) because I used to ship them until they actually got together in the show, as that also coincided with the writers deciding on Chakotay/Seven and killing my other two 'ships, whilst foisting Paris/Torres onto us at the same time. I stopped shipping them because it was pointless and boring.

18. Talk about a moment which made you question an entire ship.

I really struggled with this because when I embark on a 'ship, I'm in it for the long haul. I will say, though, that the Frasier rewatch has brought about some entirely unprecedented Roz/Niles feels - though not enough for me to abandon Niles/Daphne. ;)

19. Have you ever shipped something despite yourself?

Daniel/Betty from Ugly Betty. I tried very hard not to because it was so bloody predictable, but they just sucked me in beyond my control. I am but a weak fangirl.

20. Talk about a ship you feel alone in shipping.

Norma/Joe, a minority ship in a tiny fandom. I won't talk about it, because how many more thousands of words do you want?!

21. Is there a ship you just don’t get, but have nothing against?

Ichabod/Abbie from the new reimagining of Sleepy Hollow - I think Sky+ losing the last three episodes didn't help, and nor did my concentration being shot to hell of late and making it impossible for me to watch something for more than five minutes without getting distracted. I can see how Ichabbie could be a really good pairing, and I've even read some fic about it, but I dunno, I'm just not feeling it on the actual show. I want to give it another chance, though; we have vague plans to get Netflix next year to catch up on all the things we've missed over the past few years, in addition to the endless boxsets. :P

22. Which of your ships have the best chemistry?

Mulder/Scully, without a doubt. One of those lucky set-ups where the two leads bounced off each other at just the right frequency to cause EPIC FEELS.

23. Which of your ships deserve better writing?

Jonathan/Maddy, for the love of God. In the hands of a better writer that pairing could actually have developed in a sensible fashion, though on the other hand it might not have resulted in quite so much fic/headcanon...

24. Do you mostly ship canon pairings?

Yep, I'm boring that way. :P With the possible exception of Crais/Jools, as they had like one scene together. :P

25. Have you ever shipped a pairing before you even started watching the show/movie simply because of gifs and graphics or similar?

Possibly only Johnlock from the BBC Sherlock, though my favourite flavour is Ritchie-verse Holmes/Watson because SERIOUSLY.

26. Have you noticed a pattern in your shipping? Is there a romantic dynamic you’re more drawn to?

Doomedness, because it gives me ample opportunity to try and fix it. Height and/or power differences (or both, as they seem to go hand in hand). Angsty boys because of the Tortured Soul Complex. Unrequitedness (in either direction). These are the common themes I've noticed, but I'm sure there are more if I were to actually sit and analyse my ships (again!) in more detail. :P

27. Is there a ship you’ve shipped for most of your life?

I think this would be Mulder/Scully again, as I started when I was 15 and never looked back. :D

28. Does shipping come easily to you?

God, yes. Too easily, sometimes, so I've been sucked in before I've even realised what's happening.

29. Do you need to ship something to really enjoy a movie/book/tv show/comic?

Yep, it definitely helps, though of late it has meant that my old fandoms are taking over my interest in new ones because of aforementioned lack of concentration and not finding new 'ships to hold my attention.

30. Name a couple of fandoms in which you have no ships.

I guess Glee, as I've noticed a couple of ships but never really invested in them. Will/Sue remains my crack!ship but I've managed to maintain interest in the show without 'shipping it. The same goes for the creators' other show, American Horror Story, though it's kind of hard to ship characters when each season is a different story... Having said that, I wouldn't consider either of those "fandoms" in the strictest sense of the word, as for me it only becomes a fandom when there is shipping involved...

31. Talk about one of your favorite headcanons for a ship you love.

When the hiatussed Jonathan Creek rewatch hits the end of series 3, I have an essay planned about my two different headcanons, so I won't go into detail here (and anyway, my episode write-ups are covering some of the first headcanon already).

My only other detailed headcanon is for Sunset Boulevard using my first story as the starting point, and it involves Norma's other two husbands (after Max); the second was a medical student her own age before they drifted amicably apart (he is now her doctor, of course), and the third was a technician on the set of a movie when she was in her late twenties, with whom she fell madly in love, before he left her for a younger woman (and he was a No Good Scoundrel anyway). This latter experience has coloured her worldview and explains the Norma we meet at the point where Joe limps his car into her life...

32. Share five must-read fics.

Buffy/Spike - Promise of Frost by Eurydice (probably the best Spuffy fic I've ever read)

Niles/Daphne - Away from it All by Trespaises (a recent discovery but an old fic, and also unfinished - WOE!)

Erik/Christine - basically anything by Midasgirl.

Jack/Elizabeth - At World's End: Redux (a retelling of the third film with a Sparrabeth twist - seriously awesome)

Daniel/Betty - anything by SewerUrchin (formerly no2benry), as her stories are hilarious AND adorable.

33. Name your favorite fanartist(s).

I don't really follow fanartistry enough to name anyone, though some of the art I see on Tumblr is amazing...

34. Share your favorite fanmix for your OTP.

Another thing I don't really follow... I make my own fanmixes in my head depending on which ship is eating my brain at any particular time.

35. Recommend 1-5 shipper blogs.

Sparrabeth on Tumblr for meta and prettiness.

Fuck Yeah Spuffy on Tumblr for gifs.

F. de l'Opera on Tumblr for amazing POTO-related things.

Jonathan's Windmill on Tumblr for JC things, though they haven't updated in ages.

Those are the only four I'm following at the moment; I have a few on LJ but they are mostly obsolete these days.

36. Do you create fanmixes/gif sets/fanart/fic/fanvids and so on for you ships?

Mostly fanfic, occasional headcanons, even more occasional fanart (like, almost never) and that's probably about it.

37. Do you have a favorite trope and/or AU for your OTP?

My "A Lot to Answer For" AU headcanon for Jonathan Creek is definitely my favourite. :)

38. Do you like and use ship names?

Whilst I think they are becoming somewhat overused these days (we have them for shows AS WELL AS ships, for crying out loud!), some of them are so clever I can't not use them. My personal favourite is for Tony Stark/Pepper Potts from Iron Man, namely "pepperony", because that's just GENIUS. I sometimes feel like portmanteaus are trying too hard, though - back in the early 00's we didn't have ship names and I kind of miss them being indicated by initials instead...

39. Is there a fictional relationship you’d really want for yourself?

I dunno, actually... never given it much thought. Like, every Erik/Christine shipper SAYS they want that but really? You'd WANT a deranged sociopathic stalker after you? I think Mulder/Scully would be the best, though - that implicit trust and the fact that their relationship goes deeper than friendship and love after all those years and all they went through. Though I think that would come with a lot of issues, too. ;)

40. If you could change one thing about your OTP, what would that be?

I don't think I would, really, because the flaws are what make the OTP's as much as the good stuff. I would grant Jonathan/Maddy a writer with more bloody sense, though - they deserve that much.

Okay, that took much longer than I thought it would. Now, to rehearsal!
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