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Embroidery is Finished!!

I finally managed to finish the fan this morning (and make a start on a new project), so here are the final two pics. :D

Couching and cording completed.

Gold satin stitch done, and tassle attached.


Off and on this took about 2.5 years to finish (mostly because I don't tend to do embroidery in winter as my hands are too cold, and also partially thanks to that stupid border being so bloody tedious) but it was definitely worth the effort.

I need to get this one and my unicorn framed at some point...

I also started my next one today as well...

Can you tell what it is yet?

I'm not sure if we're allowed to quote Rolf Harris any more, are we?

Anyway, you probably can't tell what it is yet, but for context: this is the top right corner of page 1 of 8 of the pattern and it took me about four hours (there are more colours in there than it looks like). Sewing black thread on black aida has given me a headache, so I think this one is going to take a long time...

Nothing else to report.
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