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Quick Embroidery Update

Well, I say quick, I have eight pictures lined up. This one is progressing a lot faster than I thought it would...

I won't caption these - instead I'll let the photographs speak for themselves, and you can watch it grow... (Apologies if they're still showing up as massive - Photobucket is being an arse, as usual.)

One page complete! This is page 6 of 8 of the whole pattern. Filling in the gaps with black actually took about three separate sessions, but pictorial updates of that would have been boring so I decided to leave it until all the black was done...

Next is the first session of page 2 of 8 (the page above) - this way I'll have the full height of the design to work from before I start going left / right.

This does have the rather unfortunate appearance of his brain having exploded. You can't really tell what's going on yet, but hopefully it will become more apparent later. ;)

I should probably update about my concert on Saturday in Tewkesbury, but as I'm not even at choir tonight due to being exhausted, I'll leave it for now...
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