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Quick Health Update

Okay, so on 24th July I finally went into hospital for my "urethral dilation" procedure and cystoscopy.

I had to get up bright and early at 5.45, to leave the house at 6.30 just to be sure I got there on time for the appointment at 7.30. Obviously, thanks to the fact it was so early in the morning, I actually got there (with Paul) at about 7.00. There then followed a 15-minute wait before they opened the reception desk.

Over the course of the next three hours or so I was seen by the nurse, anaesthetist and urologist (the same very amenable chap who I saw in January or December or whenever it bloody was), asking all the usual questions re: allergies, etc.

I actually learned something really interesting: I always state that I have an allergy to penicillin because the first and only time I ever had any was when I was off in 2006 with glandular fever, as a result of which I broke out in a rash all over my stomach. It transpires that in fact, being prescribed penicillin and subsequently getting a rash is actually one of the ways to diagnose glandular fever (as opposed to some other related gland/throat problem). So boo to you, stupid GP who put that I had a "sore throat" on my sick note because you couldn't be bothered to investigate properly.

I got through several more chapters of The Runaway whilst waiting to go in. My urine sample on arrival also indicated (of course) yet another UTI so I was given more antibiotics for that, and a paracetemol before they took me through.

The procedure went without a hitch as far as I know (I assume they won't tell you much afterwards in case you don't take it in...) other than the fact that the anaesthetist tried to administer the sedation via my left hand. It took quite a long time for them to find a vein and then for whatever reason it didn't even work - I think in fact he actually missed the vein entirely. He started injecting the sedation and then asked if my hand was hurting (which it was) before very quickly switching to my right hand, where he found a vein within about 10 seconds. I could have told him to use that one in the start and saved them a lot of bother. :P

I was a little worried I might try to resist the sedation but in fact I was out like a light within two breaths. Powerful stuff, that. I woke up what felt like five minutes later and have a vague recollection of asking if it was okay to sleep, whereupon I dozed fitfully for about 20 minutes (I think) in the recovery area whilst they repeatedly took my blood pressure.

After ten minutes or so back on the ward they took the oxygen off me once it was established I could breathe of my own volition, and then I really really needed a wee so had the delightful indignity of using a bedpan. At that point I thought my period had started as it was about two weeks overdue (I'd spend the entire week panicking that it would start and delay the entire process) but I think actually it was just, y'know, actual blood from the procedure. The nurse gave me one of those massive incontinence pads and some disposable pants. Verrah glam.

Anyway, apparently they can't discharge you until you've passed urine so it was actually a good thing in its own way.

They brought me some toast and hot chocolate. Toast was sub-par but the chocolate was nice, though frankly I hadn't eaten in about 15 hours by that point and needed the sugar. :P

I was discharged around 1.00pm or thereabouts and then had to sit in the waiting room as Paul was coming to get me on the bus. Before that, obviously they had to make sure I was able to walk about, so one of the nurses walked me up and down the ward, then left me to get dressed. I tried to go slowly but obviously all the bending-and-straightening was a little too energetic, as then I had sit down on the bed and sip some water v e r y s l o w l y because I thought I was going to pass out. Nevertheless, I think all things considered I recovered from the sedation relatively quickly and painlessly.

We got a taxi home and Paul bought us chips for lunch. My discharge information stated I was supposed to have "light meals" for 24 hours following the procedure, but nah man. ALL THE FOOD FOR MY FACE PLZ. I then had a nap at about 4.30 for half an hour or so, and had a massive bowl of pasta for tea because carbs.

Saturday I was knackered. And sore. And could not move my left hand AT ALL because it was so painful from the botched sedation attempt. No idea what the bloody hell he did to me but it stayed that way until Sunday. I attempted to give it a bit of light exercise by playing X-Box but that didn't really help TBH. At least by Sunday I could move my fingers and was thus able to have a lovely pub lunch at the Wellington with Paul, Rob and Rob's mate Mike (who has moved here from Reading).

I called in sick on Monday (though admittedly had already provisionally pre-booked it anyway) under the pretence of having a migraine. In fact I was mostly just very sleepy still and CBA to go in. :P (I haven't been off since the Protracted Sick Leave of last year anyway.) In the evening I then managed to grate my right knuckle and nearly chop off my left thumb whilst making dinner. WINNING.

As for the stent itself... for the first couple of days it was quite painful and I basically avoided going for a wee until it became non-negotiable, but thankfully it's now completely passed and I can't feel a thing. With any luck it will do what it's supposed to and stop my UTI's reoccurring (by allowing my kidneys to drain more effectively).

I should receive a letter soon with a four-month follow-up and (presumably) any results of anything the urologist might have found in my bladder.

And that's that. Back at work now. I'm still feeling tired but not quite as tired, so maybe there's already an improvement in that area. It's August next week so I'm going to attempt to get back into swimming and healthy eating, and weekly weigh-ins on the machine at work, before I start back at the gym hopefully in September.

Oh, yes - and tonight Paul and I are going to pick up a cat we're adopting from someone at my office. He comes to us as Leo but I think we're sticking to tradition and calling him Mungojerry. Watch this space for inevitable cat!picspam. ;)

Also I will actually bloody well finish the third page of my embroidery soon and post the latest batch of photographs. I'm literally filling in the black again and it's really tedious, plus the drop in temperature lately has not helped, and nor has been physically and mentally exhausted. Soon, though. Soon.
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