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For When I Have Money...

Having literally just mentioned on Twitter that I keep constantly re-prioritising my tattoo plans, I thought I should probably actually note them down somewhere, for my own aide memoire if nothing else...

There are four tattoo ideas which I keep constantly switching between in terms of getting them actually done (notwithstanding that I have no money for any of them) so this order may well change. In any case, this is the order I'm sticking with for now...

  1. Once I am free of all this ongoing kidney nonsense (and probably when I've lost a bit of weight, as is the case for all of them TBH), I will get my Farscape-related tattoo done. It shouldn't actually be too complicated to put together, as it will comprise the Peacekeeper logo and the words "Irreversibly Contaminated". For the most part, this is because the quote itself sums up basically everything about John/Aeryn and thus the fandom for me, but I am planning now to get this tattoo over my right kidney, which makes the wording more apt. :P

  2. It's actually a toss-up now between this one and the next one, but as I have a more firm idea of what I want for this second one, it makes sense to prioritise it. After I "fell out" with the POTO fandom following the lack-lustre response to the last fic I posted ("Whisper"), I had decided to get my unfinished mask tattoo removed, to call that a full stop and move on. Except of course fandoms have a way of clinging onto you forever, so instead I've decided to cover it with something bigger and more meaningful. (The original design was supposed to be the half-mask attached to some of the notes from "Angel of Music", except I never properly finished the design and only ever had the mask actually done - which is tiny and is thus now blurred beyond recognition.)

    The idea I have now is epic, but hopefully obscure enough that people won't automatically associate it with POTO. It will incorporate my Catatonia logo (on my left shoulder) and eventually turn into a floral half-sleeve.

    There is a part in Susan Kay's Phantom whereby Erik tells Christine an old Persian legend about a nightingale and a white rose falling in love - the product of their forbidden union is the red rose. (It is, of course, a metaphor. :P) So my plan is to cover up the mask bit on my collarbone with a nightingale, pointing towards my shoulder, with a white rose and a red rose encircling the Catatonia logo. The white rose would be sideways on like it's kissing the nightingale, with the red rose in full bloom underneath.

    There's also a quote associated with that story, which also appears as the foreword for the novel and is a quote I've loved since I first read it, namely:-

    None of us can choose where we will love.

    I will get that on the tattoo somewhere as well...

    I got as far as doing a Google image search in October in order to take a mock-up to Modern Body Art for them to draw it for me, and then I couldn't be bothered to leave the house during my week of leave. But in fairness this will probably also have to wait until I've lost some weight, given the flabalicious state of my upper arms...

  3. The next one I want to get is my Killers / Ouroboros combination - the lightning bolt and snake/dragon eating its own tail. I have a quote I want to put on there as well, from the lyrics to "Battle Born", namely: You never shine if you never burn. So far I have not yet been able to tie down exactly what I want to do or found an ouroboros that I like. I kind of want something big and colourful but I also like the idea of a big solid black lightning bolt, too. DECISIONS, DECISIONS.

    All I do know is that I will get it on my right inner forearm.

  4. Next, something I've wanted since I was 16... After GCSE's my mum got me a pendant with my name in heiroglyphics and I've wanted a tattoo of that ever since. I would get this on my left inner forearm. I've been struggling with this, again because I kind of want some colour in it - mostly lapis-lazuli (blue) and ochre to reflect traditional colours - but I also want the heiroglyphics to look more "organic" like they've been painted, rather than looking like a font or rubber stamp. :P I got as far as sending it to Eni for a design mock-up but have yet to actually work on that any further.

    The latter plan is then to get the names of any children I may have in addition, also in heiroglyphics, but given it's taken this long to even get my OWN name that may well be a lost cause. :P

  5. There are lots of other fandom tattoos I want to get, as I sort of want to incorporate ALL OF THEM in some form. In being horribly indecisive as to quotes from Sunset Boulevard (because there are too many and they are all awesome) - and because trying to sum up Norma/Joe adequately is a path to madness - I eventually decided just to get "10086".

    From that I then decided I would also get "24601" (obvs) and Katie suggested Voyager's serial number (which escapes me at this precise moment). There are probably a few I could do like this. I think I'd get them in different (relevant) fonts, one under the other, down my spine...

  6. I now also want the Frasier skyline as a wristband - perhaps with whatever accoutrement they added for either "Moon Dance" or "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue", which are both my favourite episodes... I also kind of wanted to do an origami crane against a full moon, as another means of indicating the 'ship in addition to my origami obsession. :P I could always do that AND the skyline. ;)

  7. AND I want a Pirates of the Caribbean Jack/Elizabeth inspired tattoo, which I'm picturing as being a lonesome swan staring at a free-flying sparrow in the distance. Again, subtle rather than obvious.

  8. Also also the Red Dwarf logo somewhere maybe possibly? IDEK I'm just naming fandoms now.

And that's just the ones I have firm ideas for. I would love a Nightmare Before Christmas or Labyrinth tattoo - maybe as a leg piece - but I have literally no idea where to start with that. Both of these movies were really important to my childhood and fandom development. In fact, a generalised Tim Burton themed thing would be great, because then I could incorporate NBC, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and all the countless others. I had half-planned to get something out of his artwork book but then there are copyright issues. UGH, DECISIONS ARE HARD.

So, there we are. If anyone has any other suggestions (particular for the Killers/Ouroboros), I would be glad to hear them! (Or any offers to draw any of the above. :P)
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