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More X-Files

So, episode 2, "The Founder's Mutation". Not quite so many thoughts this time around...

Bullet points again.

  • That opening teaser was appropriately squicky and I found myself shouting, "Don't do that!"> at the screen. Squick factor then increased eleventyfold by Scully extracting the letter-opener during the autopsy, and indeed the latterly exploding eyeballs. LOL at Mulder, though: "You can't unsee that." Also LOL at Scully: "I'm old-school, too, Mulder: pre-Google."

    (I have to admit it's really weird seeing them all smart-phoned up after watching as far as season 3 in my rewatch when they were still using massive brick-like Nokias.)

  • Shout-out to the recycled extras! The nurse at the hospital was played by Christine Willes, who played Dolores Herbig in Dead Like Me but also previously guest-starred in X-Files as Karen Kosseff, Scully's counsellor in season 2 (and possibly later). This makes me wonder if any other familiar faces may pop up later...

  • Bonus creepy points for the baby hand emerging from his mother's stomach. They really went all out on the blood-and-guts for this one, didn't they?

  • Favourite lines, other than the two quoted above, would have to be:-

    Scully: Is that all I was? Just an incubator?
    Mulder: You were never just anything to me, Scully.

    *long meaningful silence*

    It's the little things...

  • So, quite obviously I can't discuss this episode without looking at the two alternative "futures" imagined by Mulder and Scully if they had not given William up for adoption. These say an awful lot, I think, about how each of them perceives how a "perfect" life would pan out. For Scully it's just normal soccer-mom territory and typical paranoia about broken bones; for Mulder it's inflicting science fiction and building space rockets in the back garden.

    Their "worst case scenarios" are also interesting; Scully believes that at some point her son will transform into an alien hybrid due to his DNA, whereas Mulder's greatest fear is realised, of his son experiencing the same fate as his sister. This raises a question for me in itself: if either of these things were to happen, would they happen anyway regardless of who brings William up, or would they only happen if he was with his parents - the fear that Scully always had of "Them" coming for him, which led her to give him up in the first place. Would he actually be safe with others, or is his fate already pre-destined?

    It's also pertinent to note, I think, that in both versions of this alternate life, there was no evidence to suggest they were actually bringing him up together, nor that their lives with each other would reach a point of actually raising a child as a couple. Maybe it's a reaction to the current situation as it stands, and their imaginings might have been different a few years ago, but it's definitely interesting.

Next week's episode is the funny one; the trailer had me in hysterics ("The internet is not good for you, Mulder.") so I am very much looking forward to it. :D

In other, non-fandom news: I am considering going on leave of absence from choir again from September. At the moment, I am having to manage my attendance at rehearsals and my concert-performing around my energy levels at any given time. I won't be doing the next one on 7th March, which thankfully means I don't have to attend the next few weeks of rehearsals.

For the most part, this is because it's Mahler's 8th Symphony (known as the Symphony of 1000 Voices) and I frigging hate Mahler. The work is for three choirs, soloists and orchestra, and the score is sparse to say the least purely due to the size of it (we are Choir 1, the university choir is Choir 2, plus a children's choir), so leads are not clear (in some cases the orchestral score is non-existent) and I am really struggling to wrap my head around most of it. Basically I kind of gave up.

Also, I have a colleague's 40th birthday party literally the day before, and the rehearsal starts at 10.30am on Sunday morning, which will mean 12 hours spent within the overpriced confines of Symphony Hall. I do not have the energy for all that.

I probably should send apologies for the concert, but our membership secretary has changed twice September. The first one had to go on leave of absence but was grateful I'd taken the time to explain my health issues and why I had to opt out of a couple of concerts; the latest one didn't respond to my email about sending apologies for a recent rehearsal and the "away day" (which was initially the same day as the flights out to Bulgaria, though as it transpired I had a migraine anyway), so part of me is petulantly refusing to email her again and making her work it out for herself. :P

Doubtless soon I will get an email saying I haven't hit 75% attendance. :P

The concerts after that should be more up my street: a bit of Finzi, Karl Jenkins and Harold Darke (plus a day trip to Banbury Cathedral to do a recording), so hopefully I can do those, health and energy permitting.

The other thing is that the choir have been invited to two very exciting "touring" events which are so beyond my financial means it's laughable. The first is a trip to New York to sing a new work by Karl Jenkins at Carnegie Hall, at around £1200 per person. The other is a trip to Vienna which comes in at about half that. Admittedly, my mental health has been a bit fragile lately, but nonetheless both of these missed opportunities have filled me with despair, particularly when it's a drop in the ocean for other, longstanding choir members (most of whom are comfortably retired; one woman was boasting once about how she'd never had to work a day in her life because hubby paid for everything.)

So, yeah. I think leave of absence might be the best thing until I can sort out my health issues and be in a better frame of mind to consider whether or not I should remain at all. I don't want to just quit in a fit of pique, but I really do need to look at my other options, whether that's another choir or going the other way entirely into "am-op" or whatever (if I can find a company that rehearses vaguely not in the arse-end of nowhere). I need singing in my life, and I don't think CBC can fill that void for me any more, but it would be really hard going into anything smaller and less experienced. I really appreciate the opportunities the choir is given, but it often feels like the majority of members have become desensitised / blasé about it, because CBC is just that well-reknowned...

Anyway. Let's just add this to the list of Ridic Stressful Things still to recover from, shall we? :P
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