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That ^ is the polite version of what I put on Twitter last night.

I seriously cannot even with the X-Files finale. I don't even feel capable of doing a write-up at this point because that cliffhanger was ridiculous. And I like cliffhangers, so that's saying something. On the one hand it's great because it leaves things open for a new season (or even another film), and I do think the reboot has been popular enough to warrant one, but on the other hand, if the show doesn't get renewed for Season 11 then we'll be left in limbo forever. (And there's no guarantee a film could even directly continue from the cliffhanger because of the amount of exposition they'd have to include for any non-fans who might watch it...)

In the meantime, my subconscious treated me to a lovely shippy dream, presumably to make up for the crushing disappointment that was my faith in Chris Carter to not break my heart. :P

(This is also the first dream I've remembered in ages, though I suspect it also resulted from reading old episode transcripts late last night to remind me that yes, at one point Chris Carter did manage to give the fans what they wanted even though he's suddenly decided to send our emotions through the wringer again...)

As with all my dreams, it started midway through the 'story', for want of a better word.

Context: Mulder is believed to be dead - presumably missing for a number of months with no sign of returning - and Scully being Scully is throwing herself into work in a bid to distract herself. Timeline-wise I would guess this to be set around or after season 7 (more than likely post "all things") but TBF my canon knowledge is sketchy at best these days until I get to that point in the rewatch. It's likely I may be attempting to apply too much logic, as ever. :P

Anyway, Scully is the investigating agent in a particular case (I presume an X-File) and she's staking out a shopping mall with a load of other agents dotted around, looking for a suspect. She's standing on the ground floor of the mall, mentally noting where her back-up is (sitting in coffeeshops or on benches, that sort of thing), when she hears a voice behind her:

"Turn around, G-woman."

Not recognising the voice (using an obviously fake accent) but hyper-alert nonetheless because she's on a case, she spins around in several directions until she finally hones in on the culprit, namely none other than the elusive, missing-presumed-deceased Agent Mulder, looking for all the world like he hasn't just put her through months of emotional turmoil.

She starts moving towards him before she's really registered that it's actually him, and they simultaneously realise that the only part of the building which isn't being monitored by the FBI is inside the elevator, because there are too many people coming and going and it would look weird having someone permanently standing in there, so there are agents watching the doors on each floor instead. (I know they could have put a webcam in there or something, shhhh.) They mutually head towards the elevator (which despite being in the middle of the mall is not made of glass, or maybe it's mirrored on the outside, IDK), Mulder reaching for Scully's hand so he's almost dragging her whilst she's almost pushing him backwards into the waiting space.

(This is definitely not going where you think it is; my subconscious is apparently still in naive-15-year-old-fangirl mode...)

As soon as the elevator doors close, despite there being so many shoppers in there, they immediately fall into each other.

"They told me you were dead," she says, as they hug for the duration of the short elevator journey to the next floor of the mall; as they separate again Mulder leans in for a kiss, as short and sweet as the situation will allow.

At this point, obviously feeling sorry for me, my subconscious "replayed" the sequence for me a couple of times as though I was rewinding a video, as well as helpfully "reshooting" it from a closer angle. ;)

A bit later on they were investigating either the same case or a different one, but either way it was a Monster-of-the-Week and involved people mutating into weird fish-like hybrids before meeting a horrible end by... I don't even know how to describe it... mulching? Like, they kind of turned into porridge. But before that they developed two new rows of teeth, one of which was just one very long horizontal plate-like tooth which was anchored in only one spot of the gum, right at the front and in the middle.

Obviously Scully had to do an autopsy on one of them, shortly post-mulch, and at that point it was more like one of the comedy episodes because part of her demonstration to Mulder about what she'd discovered was to point out where she'd lost her lunch midway through attempting to dissect the pile of hybrid guts on the table.

So that part was mostly just disgusting, to be honest.

This morning I wanted to turn the shopping mall bit into a fic but I don't think there's enough substance, really; let's just call it early-morning starry-eyed shipper brain. :P


Proper write-up coming for "My Struggle II" when I am not COMPLETELY BROKEN and reeling in disbelief. :P
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