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Addendum to Sunset Write-Up

Paul reminded me a couple of days after the event that I'd omitted something from my Sunset UK Tour write-up(s), which in turn also jogged my memory for another tiny thing I'd forgotten.

  • The thing Paul remembered was that during the second 'car chase' theme, i.e. Betty driving to the House, as well as the random words on the screen there was also at one point a shot of the original movie script of the preceding scene (the telephone call). I'm surprised they didn't include that in other places as well, to be honest. Although now that I think about it some more, the fact that it only appeared there lends itself to the whole thing being indicative of Joe's breakdown (a la the London show's jumbled flashback).

  • I can't believe I forgot this - during the Tango Scene, as Norma reached the bottom of the stairs Joe actually kissed her (gloved) hand. I'm amazed this slipped my memory because (a) OMG <3 and (b) my obsession with the Hand Thing.

I think that was everything. :)

In almost-related news, I think I'm almost inspired to make a start on my epistolary AU story after re-reading the outline yesterday. I've also made a start on my other, soulmate AU, at least on paper, but it needs a lot of tidying up. I've been pottering about with various bits and pieces lately and should really start typing some of them up...

Nothing else to report, except that I didn't get the job I went for. Got feedback this morning and it was very close, points-wise, between everyone - all the things I apparently should have said at interview I literally remembered about two hours after the event. I was struggling with a really bad sore throat and fighting off an inevitable cold on the day, so my brain wasn't functioning as highly as it should have been.

They advised me at the interview (and also today) that there were supposed to be three roles, but HR would only agree two initially. They have now agreed to recruit to the third post so it should reappear at some point, and they urged me to reapply if it does. I'm currently debating whether or not I will, but I'll see how I feel if/when it rolls around, and in any case start job-hunting afresh in January when all the Christmas stress is out of the way...

TBF, I kind of suspected I hadn't got it because I didn't get a phonecall about it (I was off sick Thursday/Friday with the aforesaid cold and subsequent migraine), so I didn't find out until I checked my emails this morning. Regardless, getting to interview achieved what I set out to do, which was to prove to myself that I do, in fact, have transferable skills.
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