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argh. am trapped in obsession.

ooh! raaaaain :) in fact, ooh! haaaail! even better :)

*resists urge to go outside and dance around*


argh! wanna see "sunset" again. it closes at the hipp on may 4th. student standby tickets are £6.00 for matinees and £10.00 for evenings. plus, i wanna meet jeremy finch (the new, and my definitive, joe gillis), dammit, because he's nice. plus, there's this scene that's just hilarious, when 6 men's outfitters are attempting to fit joe out in new stuff, and they just descend on him en masse and strip him :D (and no, this is not the only reason i want to see it again. not at all...)

am now trying to talk myself out of it. have come up with several pros&cons:

1) i think - i need to phone the theatre and clarify this - that student standby tickets need to be obtained in person, 48 hours before any show. and that's if there's any left. 48 hours before saturday is thursday. on thursdays i have an afternoon lecture. now, admittedly, it's just other people's presentations that day and i don't need to be there, technically, but i think i ought to be, mainly because we may get extra coursework info that day. if it was in the morning, it would be vaguely achievable...

2) i don't know if there are tickets. if there aren't, well, problem solved.

3) may 4th is the same day as RHPS at the electric. now, in theory, SB would end at... 10.00ish, rocky starts at 11.00ish, so i SHOULD be able to get there, albeit not in costume. however, if i want to attempt to stalk the cast at the stage door, wherever the frell it is, i could be there all night. plus, i can't go to SB dressed as magenta, and i can't go to RHPS in my evening-at-the-theatre gear. i suppose i could just tone it down. or, of course, i could just not go to to rocky... i mean, at least that'll come back way earlier than SB will...

4) it's naomi's b'day that weekend, so i WILL be in brum anyway...

5) i think, in fact, i'm coming back that weekend as it is to experiment making my hair interesting and to get it dyed for may ball, which is the week after. so... well... again, i'll at least be in the city...

argh! see? what do i do? i REALLY want to see it again, and not just because i want to stalk the lead male, i mean, the entire thing is wonderful and amazing. i have sunset-withdrawal-syndrome. in theory, seeing it again will have one of two effects - it'll make the SBWS die down, or it'll make it worse. either way, at least i'll have seen it twice...

and last night performaces are rumoured to be great! first night and last night shows are always the best ones.

argh, argh, argh!
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