T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

all scanned.

letter will be scanned (hopefully) when it arrives... grrrr...

this is the actual ticket, which, by some magical twist of fate, ended up with no autographs on it. (it WOULD have been jeremy finch on this one, damn him...)

this is michael bauer (max). short and sweet. (it says "Best wishes, Michael Bauer", by the way)

(that strange purplish patch is where i deleted my address and details. like i'm going to be idiotic enough to leave them there...)

this is ceri ann gregory (i remembered it!) who played betty. it reads "To Becs or rather Bex with warm wishes, Ceri Ann Gregory"

and finally, last but by no means least, the divine and wonderful ms. brown...

again, the pinkish patch is covering up my, um, card details... this is, of course, the one drawback (other than lack of space) with getting one's ticket signed. and it reads, "To Dear Becks, Love and Best Wishes, Faith Brown" (honest. and who cares if she spelt my name wrong, it's faith brown, it's allowed!) and look! smiley face! :D

and that's it. come october, i will have jeremy finch to add to the damn collection, even if i have to follow him back to his damn hotel... that's assuming he's still in it then, of course. they would be crazy to change the cast, though...
Tags: celebrities: faith brown, fangirl missions, photos & pictures
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