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here goes nothing.

warning in advance. angstmonster doth descendeth upon me... (long story. all will be revealed on saturday or sunday at some point)

- clothing: trousers/jeans/cords as flared as trousers can be. long skirts/knee length skirts, which i rarely wear. little tee shirts with pictures on, mainly black. dog collar/beaded necklace thing. lots of bracelets. black platform trainers.
- music: catatonia. multiple show tunes and soundtracks of musicals. dido.
- makeup: none, usually. when i can be bothered, black eyeliner and eyeshadow, dark lipstick.

- wearing: big orange flares (corduroy), black "punk" tee-shirt with a chain on it, grey zip-up top with "evil" on it, socks...
- music: none. bits of (what else?) SB going around head.
- thinking of: the fact that "cats" closes on saturday and i'm not there. the fact that there is a website selling tickets which i can't afford. the fact that this sucks big time. that, and antsy about getting the tickets for SB in october NOW but not being able to yet...
- feeling: tired, verging slightly less on tears now thanks to eve being her usual lovely self (late night ranting sessions, gotta love 'em), hating lloyd webber and the entire RUG...

- bought: a bus ticket...
- did: typed "a bus ticket..."
- read: sections of "the child in time" by ian mcewan, for coursework (yuk)
- watched on tv: "v graham norton" :)

- club or house party: house party. clubbing baaaaad.
- tea or coffee: neither...
- high achiever or easy-going: wandering aimlessly. literally.
- cats or dogs: cats. *resists urge to cry*
- single or taken: single. still.
- pen or pencil: nice biros that write well. parker fountain pens.
- gloves or mittens: gloves... they come in nicer designs...
- food or candy: foooooood...
- cassette or cd: cd, as i have more of them...
- snuff or cigarettes: um... no idea.
- coke or pepsi: coke.
- matches or a lighter: matches. fire gooooood.
- sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: ick.
- rickie lake or oprah winfrey: oprah is considerably less annoying.

- kill: andrew lloyd webber. antonio banderas, as always. (or, to be precise, andrew lloyd webber's public relations person, or p.a., or whoever convinced him to close "cats"...)
- hear from: jeremy finch, but i know that ain't gonna happen any time soon...
- look like: someone very pale with straight frellin' hair... vaguely elfinesque...
- be like: too many heroes, too many heroes...

- food: steak (meat, in general, actually), potatoes, pasta
- drink: coke, vodka
- color: black, purple, red, blue, emerald green
- album: "way beyond blue", catatonia. "no angel", dido. misc other catatonia.
- shoes: may ball shoes, trainers, big boots.
- site: hm... currently... livejournal ;) or the blvd site.
- song: currently... um... "as if we never said goodbye"... ah, i don't know, the list keeps growing.
- vegetable: potato/parsnip
- fruit: grapes.

- last movie you saw: frell knows. "sunset boulevard", most likely. or, no, "the nutty professor", just a few hours ago on ITV...
- last movie you saw on the big screen: "rocky horror picture show"
- last phone number you called: frell knows. probably the hippodrome to get the tickets to SB...
- last thing you had to drink: coke.
- last thing you ate: tuna baguette.
- last time you showered: uh... sunday, post-hair dying.
- last time you cried: nearly did at SB several times: at the end of act one, as the spotlight hit norma before "as if we never said goodbye", and when jeremy hit that high note in "poor norma, so happy, lost in her silver heaven", or in his "sunset boulevard" song at the beginning of act two... but that was more of an "oh my frelling god, i'm in love..." cry than an emotional cry...
- last time you smiled: properly? meeting faith brown. she was so genuinely lovely it was impossible not to.
- last time you laughed: see above.
- last person you hugged: faith brown :D
- last person you kissed: um... my mum?
- last thing you said: god knows.
- last person you talked to online: still am - eve.
- last thing you smelled: tuna, i think...

- smoke: no.
- sleep with stuffed animals: the blanket bunny's still around...
- have a crush: currently, jeremy finch. but that'll wear off soon enough.
- have a boyfriend/girlfriend: nope.
- have a dream that keeps coming back: i have a recurring object,... - it's a tower, every time i dream about it, it gets more details. it's all made of polished pine, it's round (or polygonal) and has a square staircase up the centre. there's a railway near it, too... all very odd. wanna get a dream analyst on that one?
- play an instrument: piano (badly. i'm gonna marry a pianist who can teach me to play again. and if not, i'll just watch his hands...) recorder. voice.
- believe there is life on other planets: there has to be. if not in this solar system, then some other one.
- read the newspaper: nope.
- have any gay or lesbian friends: yes.
- believe in miracles: gotta believe in something...
- believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: yes.
- consider yourself tolerant of others: depends on the others. my friends and mother, yes...
- consider police a friend or foe: never had any experience with them, but... friend.
- like the taste of alcohol: i'll agree with lorna on that one...
- have a favorite Stooge: dunno...

- believe in astrology: sometimes. it works...
- believe in magic: of the fairy/witch/wizard kind, yes.
- pray: i have done in times of dire desperation... but not with any conviction.
- go to church: only a) with my grandmother as a girl because she was verger and b) to sing in concerts.
- have any secrets: hell, yes.
- have any pets: cat/demon
- go to or plan to go to college: yes. derby. duh.
- have a degree: nope.
- talk to strangers who instant message you: if they can string together a sentence, yes...
- wear hats: when i remember/when i'm cold
- have any piercings: 6 - two in each ear, nose, navel.
- have any tattoos: purple rose avec spikey black bits at the base of my spine.
- hate yourself: constantly. [ADDENDUM 12/05/02 - i just realised i actually quoted this from SB without realising...]
- wish on stars: when i can.
- like your handwriting: sometimes...
- believe in witches: yes.
- believe in Satan: nope.
- believe in ghosts: i sense them. or at least, i'm pretty sure i do. i'm determined to prove it further. so yes.
- trust others easily: not in the slightest.
- like sarcasm: no, of course not ;)
- take walks in the rain: yes. i love rain. i love getting caught in rain even more...
- sing in the shower: i used to...
- kiss with your eyes closed: i willfully decline to answer that question...
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