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whoa, is that the time?!

...which is pretty much what i was saying all night/morning...

'twas the may ball. and i spent about 8 hours of it in a cinema watching "harry potter", "american pie 2" and "the others" (which, by the way, is frellin' fantastic!)

have discovered that vodkacokes get me less drunk than smirnoff ice...

but the highlight of the evening/morning had to be at about 4pm when lloyd and i were leaving the flat, and one of the girls from UDSU was just returning from the ball, having finished work 5 hours earlier. she was very drunk, but she rambled on for a good five minutes about how individual and cool we looked *grin*

and that's pretty much it. and we made survivors photo, just (well, i managed it without falling asleep, which is more than i can say for some people...)
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