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All About Eve - Or Possibly Margo

I am at least a week overdue in writing this post, thanks to self-evident work!stress sapping my energy, as a result of which I spent the first two days of the Easter weekend with a migraine, as well as Monday (thankfully it eased off enough on Sunday to enable me to cook our roast duck dinner, and on Monday I did at least have a bit more energy even if my head was hurting). It has latterly transpired, as I probably should have guessed, that Shark Week was imminent. The symptoms are so much more obvious in retrospect. :P

I imagine that also goes a long way to explaining why I was so angry about The Email last week, though I have since re-read it a couple of times and I think I'm still well within my rights to be pissed off about it - and indeed I have discussed it with other colleagues in the meantime and everyone is pretty much of the same view that it's unfair. I spent some time yesterday morning formulating a response which I will hopefully whittle down to smaller comments for my supervision, whenever that will be, and if my TL wants it in writing at least it'll be in a more digestible / less ranty format.

ANYWAY, to the point of this post!

On 11th April Paul and I went to see a National Theatre livestream of All About Eve, starring Lily James as the eponymous Eve and none other than Gillian Anderson as the iconic Margo Channing. I knew about the play itself (in London) because I follow Gillian Anderson on Twitter, and tickets for the actual play were horrendously overpriced so I was lamenting never being able to see it, and then about two days later I learned there was going to be a livestream. Subsequently, both [personal profile] cloudsinvenice and I saw it at the same time, albeit in very separate cinemas and a sea apart. :)

I had a lot of Thoughts about it which I simply didn't get chance to properly get down on paper (or screen), and then on Tuesday this week I learned that they were showing "encore" viewings of the livestream recording, with my most local one taking place the day after! So I self-indulgently treated myself to a second showing of it (on my own because Paul decided two viewings in three weeks to be overkill), because what even is the point of earning money and having a bit left over if you can't spend it on the occasional bit of fangirling? :P

I'm really glad I did go again because it's helped to jog my memory about some of what I wanted to say, and reminded me how amazing it actually was.

I will cut what I want to say because, obviously, it's going to be long. I will attempt to put this into some kind of chronological / sensible order but my short-term memory is perpetually shoddy these days. :P (Also, thanks to the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, I am in danger of falling into a Jaime/Brienne shaped black hole and would rather get this out of my brain first.)

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I'm sure I've probably missed a lot out of this write-up even now, and if I think of anything else in the interim which warrants sharing, I will do another post. I think this about sums it up for now, though. When I eventually get around to seeing the film, I will doubtless want to draw up some comparisons. (Yes, I have tagged this with my Sunset fandom tag but only so I can find it again later down the line. I make no apologies. :P)

Anyway, now that this is finally out of my brain, I can finish the unprecedented Jaime/Brienne fic which fell out of my brain yesterday and get it up on AO3 before the third episode on Sunday, which I am dreading beyond measure. I really don't want either of them to die until their full relationship arc is complete, but I don't trust any of the writers not to break my heart. :(
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Winter (of Discontent) is Coming

There is a serious shitstorm approaching in the next couple of days at work and it's far too long and complicated to condense into a tweet-thread, so unfortunately I'll have to post about it here. I didn't want my first post of 2019 to be a work rant but here we are...

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TL;DR: we suck at implementing changes in a stress-free and seamless manner and I am tired.

In more positive news, I really want to do a celebratory post about Farscape turning 20 (even though that makes me feel So Old), which I will probably create on Facebook in the first instance and then maybe copy over here as well. Watch this and that and all the spaces. (If I'm not dead by then from sheer incompentence.)
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2018 in Review

I started drafting this in November, much the same as last year, in the hopes I wouldn't forget anything. Such being the case, I apologise in advance for the length. :P

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Right, I've quickly checked this for formatting errors but not necessarily for typos, so apologies in advance for any I might have missed. I'm updating during a lunchtime lull before catching up on my backlog of distributions prior to going on leave.

Happy New Year, y'all!
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The Great Christmas Lunch Drama of 2017

I briefly mentioned this on Twitter and promised to do a post about it, so as there's a bit of a lull at work (finally) it seems a good enough time to get around to it. I should have updated about this at the time, but honestly it was so petty and exhausting that I couldn't be bothered, and it probably wouldn't have been this coherent. :P

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Like I said - petty and exhausting. This year, to try and mitigate against any potential drama, I set up a document on the shared drive asking people to indicate what they were interested in out of four potential options (meal out, bring-and-share, "posh" chip butties and Secret Santa), because there's no reason we can't just do four separate things if we can't come to an agreement. Yvette then took over organising the actual meal and Secret Santa. (Interestingly, Pat did not fill out the document; whilst I hope that's because she's feeling guilty about what happened last year, I suspect it's because she actually likes causing drama.)

The thing is... there's enough politics going on without something as simple as a Christmas get-together causing all this pointless stress. What was supposed to be an effort to reclaim the Christmas lunch we'd been denied for the past two years turned into unnecessary bickering and pettiness. Fingers crossed this year it will go without a hitch.

Next update will doubtless be the traditional Year in Review meme, which I will probably start drafting very soon....
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Writing Meme

Stolen from [personal profile] commoncomitatus because why not?

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Writing about writing makes me want to actually be writing. Hopefully now the weather is warming up and I'm feeling a bit more human, I can get back on track with finishing / starting / typing things up...

What's this? Two entries in as many days? MADNESS.
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Health Update

Meh, I never did get around to either of those two impending Sunset write-ups/flails. I haven't forgotten, and I do still want to flail about the 2017 Broadway show in particular, so I will do them soon - hopefully during my fortnight off in June/July.

I have been doing semi-regular health updates on Twitter but with the constraints of the character limit, I thought it prudent to do a proper LJ update about it as well...

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TL;DR - I think we've found the answer. FINALLY.

That's it for now. Hopefully my next post will be another fandom flail. :)

I should also say, I've been tentatively poking at a couple of my Plotbunnies, but don't expect them to see the light of day any time soon. :P
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Long Overdue Flail Write-Ups

So, on Easter Sunday commoncomitatus and I finally got around to watching the bootleg footage of Sunset Boulevard on Broadway from last year - essentially the same version as we saw in London, starring the same three leads (Michael Xavier as Joe, Glenn Close as Norma and Siobhan Dillon as Betty) and pretty much identical staging, but with added Broadway spangles. I really have a lot I want to say about the production, but before I can do that I need to do the write-ups of our two other YIM flails, namely the Michael Ball/Petula Clark Radio 2 concert from 2004, and the Alan Campbell/Betty Buckley Broadway bootleg from 1994.

These write-ups are essentially a way to firm up some of the Thoughts and Theories we came up with in the process of watching/listening, if only so they're recorded for posterity and the furtherance of my headcanons. So, be warned, I will be quoting our doubtless incoherent flail at various points. :P

I intended this entry to be a twofer because I thought I'd have less to say about the Radio 2 version, but, er, well... you can probably predict how that went. I'll try and get the 1994 Broadway write-up done this week as well, hopefully tomorrow.

Incidentally, I have seven X-Files season 11 recaps to do as well, but those will have to wait until I can do a rewatch. I livetweeted "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat" at the time, but Channel 5's doubling-up of episodes and terrible scheduling has resulted in me forgetting basically everything I would have put into a write-up.

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So, there we go. I didn't expect this to be quite so long, and on that basis I imagine the 1994 bootleg recap will be even bloody longer, because there are Specific Things in there that I desperately need to flail about before I can flail further about the 2017 bootleg. And honestly, the only feasible way I can see of recapping that is to embed the video and flail at it in line with timestamps. :P

One of these days I might run out of headcanon. But I doubt it...
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Some (Hopefully) Brief X-Files Recaps

I have a pile of distributions to get through this morning so hopefully I can break up the tedium by putting this entry together... :P

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Meh, I'm sure I would have had more to say if I'd done the first two write-ups straight away and wasn't perpetually knackered.

In brief health news - I am waiting on an ultrasound appointment of my gall bladder (and liver and spleen) as the GP has concurred the pain is in the right general area. Waiting waiting endless waiting... and back in the NHS referral machine now but if I have to wait more than three months for said scan then I'm going to ask to be referred back into the BMI.

That'll do for now. Over and out!
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Year in Review Meme for 2017

I decided to start this early and work on it over the course of November/December, so I didn't have a mad rush to get it posted, for once... also because by the time I get to the end of the year I've basically forgotten everything that happened in the preceding 12 months. Also because Paul always moans that my Year in Review posts are negative, so I tried very hard to think of Good Things that happened in this very strange year...

As it transpired, it was probably for the best I started this early, considering I spent the entire of Christmas with 'flu and had no inclination to do anything except sleep / feel sorry for myself.

Such being said - onward!

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If you managed to get through all of that, I commend you!!

I have no idea what 2018 will hold for everyone, either individually or on an international scale, but let's hope 2017 was the final scrapings from the bottom of the barrel and now we can finally open a fresh one. Which is a rather clumsy metaphor of "it can't get any worse, right?" Here's hoping...
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Addendum to Sunset Write-Up

Paul reminded me a couple of days after the event that I'd omitted something from my Sunset UK Tour write-up(s), which in turn also jogged my memory for another tiny thing I'd forgotten.

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In almost-related news, I think I'm almost inspired to make a start on my epistolary AU story after re-reading the outline yesterday. I've also made a start on my other, soulmate AU, at least on paper, but it needs a lot of tidying up. I've been pottering about with various bits and pieces lately and should really start typing some of them up...

Nothing else to report, except that I didn't get the job I went for. Got feedback this morning and it was very close, points-wise, between everyone - all the things I apparently should have said at interview I literally remembered about two hours after the event. I was struggling with a really bad sore throat and fighting off an inevitable cold on the day, so my brain wasn't functioning as highly as it should have been.

They advised me at the interview (and also today) that there were supposed to be three roles, but HR would only agree two initially. They have now agreed to recruit to the third post so it should reappear at some point, and they urged me to reapply if it does. I'm currently debating whether or not I will, but I'll see how I feel if/when it rolls around, and in any case start job-hunting afresh in January when all the Christmas stress is out of the way...

TBF, I kind of suspected I hadn't got it because I didn't get a phonecall about it (I was off sick Thursday/Friday with the aforesaid cold and subsequent migraine), so I didn't find out until I checked my emails this morning. Regardless, getting to interview achieved what I set out to do, which was to prove to myself that I do, in fact, have transferable skills.