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T'eyla Minh

Rambling Verbosity since 2001

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Hello. My name is BeX, and I'm a LiveJournal-aholic. You may also know me as T'eyla Minh or Cake or Death (Cakey), depending on where you've flown in from.

So, other than that, who am I? Well, I'm a female, 32-year-old Brummie(/Yammer), and I work in Birmingham City Council's Directorate for People, in Child Protection. That doesn't mean I will steal your children, just in case you were wondering.

I graduated from the University of Derby with a 2.1 in English Studies (with some Creative Writing) and a year's useless experience as an Occupational Therapy student. The less said about that, the better.

This journal was started in September 2001 and has since listed my woes, fears and achievements to date... with a healthy dose of randomness, illness and uninhibited fangirling thrown in.

This journal is mostly public, however it is restricted to Friends Only Commenting due to some trolling. I don't mind being added to friends lists so long as we have something in common, and will probably add you back eventually, depending on when I check Semagic for f-list updates. If you're desperate to let me know you're there, track me down in a community and poke me, or leave me an LJ message.

Friends Only posts are usually those which contain information of a personal nature, or are otherwise filtered; there's a post here listing my friends filters (more on that momentarily.) So, it stands to reason that if you're uncomfortable hearing about someone else's problems, tell me! And then I can filter you appropriately.

The only filter which is request-based (rather than at my discretion) is my dream filter, where I post (unsurprisingly) about my dreams, which are usually long, boring and surreal.

yoshi is my amazingly sweet and wonderful gorgeous boyfriend (but don't tell him I said so), with whom I have been living since July 2006. We have been engaged since February 2012.

I moderate three communities sporadically and negligently: stop_the_badfic, _mhotp_ and tap_into_inline.

My past writing - original and fanfiction - will eventually all be available on my website, although there's only original fiction on there at the moment. It can also be read on FanFiction.Net and FictionPress.Com. Feedback is always appreciated.

My inner fangirl made me do this:

Background image: The End of Innocence, Robert Heindel.

Icons: Buffy icons use screencaps from BuffyWorld and various other googled resources. Erik and Christine icons scanned from The Complete Phantom of the Opera from paintings by Robert Heindel (The End of Innocence and I'm Here, I'm Here, I'm Here). Most Haunted icons use images capped from the DVDs, gathered by myself and other mosthauntedgeeks. Everything else uses randomness from my hard-drive and my own photographs. Credit in keywords for those created by others.

Created in Photoshop 7.0.

10086, abandoned buildings, alan davies, alternate pairings, ambigrams, amélie, andrew lloyd webber, angst, arr!, ashes to ashes, beetlejuice, being a shipper, beta-reading, big flares, brandon flowers, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/giles, cabaret, carbonara, carnivále, caroline quentin, catatonia, cats, cerys matthews, cinema, commas, complicated harmonies, corduroy, cordy/doyle, cultural comedy, danny elfman, dax/bashir, dead like me, derek/yvvy, derren brown, desolate landscapes, disneyland paris, doomed romances, eastenders, eddie izzard, edward scissorhands, entemophobia, erik/christine, evanescence, fanfiction, fangirling, farscape, farscape swearwords, frasier, gay disney villains, gene/alex, ghosts, grammar vulturing, hating jimmy carr, jack/liz, james marsters, janeway/chakotay, john/aeryn, johnny depp, jonathan creek, jonathan/maddy, jool/crais, katie melua, labyrinth, lava lamps, les misérables, life on mars, literature, little shop of horrors, long & pretentious sentences, lurking at stage doors, making random icons, making websites, messing about with photoshop, mhotp!, mighty boosh, most haunted, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, nicole kidman, nightmare before christmas, noel fielding, norma/joe, not having a myspace, odo/kira, old factories, ouroboros, ozme!, pachalbel's canon, parapsychology, paris, paris metro, phantom of the opera, pirate noises, pirates of the caribbean, plant!, platform trainers, pret a manger, q.i., quoting, ranting, reading myself on friendslists, really bloody stupid ideas, red dwarf, richard felix fangirl squad, richard o'brien, rick/phil, schwab's, shipping, sikozu/scorpius, silent movies, singing, sleepy hollow, south park, spike, spuffy, stalking celebrities on twitter, star trek, star trek: ds9, star trek: voyager, sunset boulevard, sunset boulevard fanfiction, supersizers go..., sweeney todd, swircularity, t.s.eliot, talking like a pirate, tattoos, the doctor/seven, the killers, the rocky horror show, the sound of music, the wizard of oz, the x-files, the yvette fielding scream-a-thon, theatre, tim burton, transvestites, ugly betty, vodka, will and grace, wispology, writing, writing fanfiction, yvette fielding, yvette/karl

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